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Designer Dogs | IBB Design

Shay Geyer - Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

If you’ve followed #teamIBB for a while, then you know we have many animal-obsessed people. We joke that it’s almost a requirement for our staff to have a furry companion. With a team full of animal lovers, our designers clearly have the upper hand when it comes to designing spaces that consider our clients’ fur babies. After all, it’s our pets that often spend the most time on our furnishings (allowed or not). For our spring issue, we wanted to take a deeper look at some posh pooches for a better insight into the lives of a designer dog. This is Gigi and Zoe Geyer’s story.

Since I was a little kid, my family has always had at least one dog in our home. I can’t imagine life without a dog. Gigi and Zoe both turned three in December. Gigi is a Cavachon, and Zoe is a mini Goldendoodle. Jaylie picked out Gigi, and Brooklyn picked out Zoe. They joined our family shortly after our Boxer, Roxy, was diagnosed with cancer. They gave her new life and gave us a full year with her before she passed away. What a blessing it was for them to get training from the best dog ever!

Shay Geyer - Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

They are definitely posh pooches! As they are our beloved fur babies, they have free reign over our domain. When designing our home, I selected performance and indoor/outdoor fabrics to use on our upholstery, knowing that they would need to hold up to constant puppy snuggles. Gigi loves to lounge on the backs of the sofa and chair cushions. I make sure to fluff the cushions regularly to help keep their shape and extend the life of them. Zoe’s favorite spot is on one of the chaise lounges or in someone’s lap. Many indoor/outdoor fabrics are bleach cleanable, but for those that are not, I keep a bottle of Crypton cleaner handy to tackle messes made from muddy paws and other puppy oopsies.

Many people wonder about having wood floors with dogs. Our hardwoods are lightly scraped with the grain. It still offers a very clean look and also helps camouflage everyday wear and tear.

Shay Geyer – Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

Puppy tip: When you’re house training new puppies, roll up your rugs and put them in storage until they’re completely trained. This will hopefully prevent ruining any of them due to accidents from your pooch. Crypton can help get rid of many stains, but always check the fiber content of the material and follow the cleaning directions.

“Home is where your dog runs to greet you.”

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BAR CARTS – Think Outside the Bar!

Bar Carts Think Outside the Bar!
@designershay @ibbdesign on Instagram

IBB Top 6 Bar Carts We Love!

It’s no secret that bar carts have been on trend for some time. Perfectly styled carts flood our social media feeds and have us yearning for a similar look in our homes. It’s definitely one of the most requested furniture additions among IBB clients. It’s common for our designers to hear, “…and if we can fit a bar cart in somewhere, I’d really love to have one!” With all of us spending more time at home but not necessarily entertaining as much, we thought we’d share a non-conventional approach to using a bar cart. Their mobility makes them a versatile and valuable piece of furniture.

We love to use them in bathrooms. They can provide extra storage and a pretty way to display bath essentials. If you have the space, the bar cart can be placed on an empty wall in a bathroom and then rolled over to your tub when it’s time for a relaxing bath. You’ll find it quite the luxury to have everything within reach right by your tub. You can place a vase of fresh flowers (or a great permanent botanical), a bowl full of bath bombs, a decanter full of bath salts, or bubble bath and a fragrant candle or aromatic diffuser on the top shelf. Try rolling extra towels on the bottom shelf so they’re close by when you get out of the tub. Form and function at its finest!

IBB Top 6 Bar Carts We Love!

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Picking paint colors is overwhelming to most people. With expert advice, this daunting task can be made much easier. There are so many factors to consider when choosing paint colors for your home – natural light, ceiling height, the size of the space, and many others. It’s important to choose a few colors to sample for each room and then look at them in the space to consider all of the factors before making a final decision.

Our designers weigh in on a few of their favorite paint colors and why they love them.


Benjamin Moore 2168-10 Fall Harvest               “My favorite color is orange, and I love what a happy hue it is! When I was remodeling my own home, I made a bold decision to lacquer my study paneling in this warm Hermès-like orange. I’m so happy I went for it! It’s my favorite room in my home, and friends and family always comment on how cheerful it is.” Beth Rafferty, IBB Owner & Designer, @ibbdesign on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW7069 Iron Ore
“It’s a soft black that is a great background for a feature wall. It’s also great for cabinetry, trim, doors, and shiplap.” SUSAN NEFF, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW7004 Snowbound
“A good classic white can be so difficult and overwhelming to choose. Snowbound is a great choice for a cabinet color, wall color, and interior trim color, as it provides a crisp white look in any space! It’s definitely my ‘go-to’ white.” CASEY GATTERSON, IBB Designer


Benjamin Moore 2065-10 Admiral Blue
“Blues are classic and work with a multitude of aesthetics. Admiral Blue is a deep rich blue that pairs well with many colors to provide rich contrast and give you a timeless look.” MICHAEL REESE, IBB Designer, on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 1015 Skyline Steel
“It is always an easy ‘go to’ for me when looking for a warm, light gray overall interior wall color when I’m not wanting a pure white on the walls. I would lump Skyline Steel into the greige neutral family; it’s compatible with a multitude of color palettes and can often be a chameleon in its setting.” SHANNON GIDNEY, IBB Designer & Sales Manager, @designershannongidneyibb on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 6248 Jubilee
“It is so peaceful and inviting. It’s a gorgeous celestial gray-blue that is perfect to use as a soft accent.” LESA NEFF, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW 7631 City Loft
“It’s a perfect neutral that goes from a soft, warm gray to light greige depending on lighting. It blends beautifully with everything!” TERRI HUNTER, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW 6258 Tricorn Black
“It’s a beautiful subdued black that works with pretty much any architectural style! The warm neutral base make a fantastic background to feature an art collection.” JORY GATTIS DICKINSON, IBB Designer, @jorya.gattis on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 7008 Alabaster
“My favorite go-to paint color is Alabaster from Sherwin Williams. It has a nice warmth to it and instantly brightens up any space.” LAUREN MACNAK, IBB Designer, @laurenmacdesigner on Instagram


**Pro tip: Always sample the paint in your space before diving in and painting the entire room. Just because it looks fabulous in your friend’s home, doesn’t mean it will look equally as stunning in your home. There are many factors that can influence how paint looks in a space.**


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If you’re building or remodeling a home, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a design for your secondary bathrooms. They often get put on the back burner. Starting with neutral cabinetry, pendant lighting and a great mirror can give your bathroom style and also allow you the opportunity to kick it up a notch when you’re ready. It’s amazing how quickly wallpaper and accessories can transform a bathroom to give you a whole new look! We’re inspiring you with four ways to take your bathroom design to the next level, and we’ve made it easy to shop these looks right from this page.


1. Fresh Floral!
Black, gray, and green add color and a large-scaled pattern to the walls in a fresh floral design. The Samantha orchid arrangement from The Shay Geyer Collection for Botanical Mix is the perfect scale and accessory for the bathroom countertop.


2. Bold & Graphic!
You can never go wrong with classic black and white. We love the drama this geometric pattern brings to the bathroom. Our Noelle Luxe in fuchsia adds a punch to the space with a pop of pink.


Shay-article-bathroom-next-level3. Color & Pattern!
If bright, happy colors and traditional motifs are your jam, then this look is for you! Our Lucy arrangement is a fabulous complement to this bold wallpaper.


4. Tonal Love!
For those who love a neutral or softer look, this is a great choice. A gray medallion print adds interest to the walls and offers a more subtle and tonal feel for the bathroom. Our Noelle Natural white orchid arrangement helps soften the space with a fabulous floral.


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One Room Challenge Week Six: The Big Reveal

Well folks, our nursery project for my client is officially finished!! I’m so excited for how it all turned out. When I say it took a village, that would be a complete understatement! Huge thank you to my contractor Todd Atwood for helping us pull this off with a tight timeline amidst a whole house remodel in progress. I also want to thank my clients Trey & Bliss Brazil for trusting us to design their sweet baby girl’s nursery. We cannot wait to meet her! All of this would not have been possible without all of the amazing One Room Challenge sponsors. What a treat it was to work them and get to use their products in my client’s projects. You can find the links to everything throughout this post. We’ll also be posting swipe ups on Instagram stories for maximum shopping convenience 😉. I must not forget everyone on #teamIBB especially Jinda Nichols for helping me bring this design to fruition.

In case you’ve forgotten what we started with, take a look back here.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!! Remember the rendering I shared with you during week two?

Well, here it is brought to life. I’m over-the-moon with how this nursery turned out!

I designed a custom day bed and had my upholsterer make it. They never cease to amaze me with their quality and craftsmanship and they’re so great at bringing my designs to life!

They seriously nailed the nail head design I gave them!! (Pun intended 😉)

All of the gorgeous fabrics & trim in the room are from Fabricut, Trend & Stroheim. I’m in love with this trim tape. We used the same pattern to base our nail head design off of for the day bed. These fabrics are to the trade only and can be purchased through IBB Design.

We used the trim on the leading edge on the panels over the daybed & on a few pillows in the room.

The white matellasse is from

I love how these sconces from Crystorama frame the daybed & that Schumacher wallpaper is EVERYTHING 💗. The beautiful peony & hydrangea arrangement is from The Botanical Mix.

The acrylic crib is from IBB Design. The adorable butterfly installation was done by #teamIBB designer Melissa Catalano.

The acrylic bookcase was a fun surprise. We originally didn’t think we were going to get it but the team at made it happen. It fits perfectly right between the two windows and gives our clients ample space to store baby necessities, toys & display photos.

The chair, ottoman with Tibetan lamb’s wool & drink table are from IBB Design. The functional draperies were done by IBB Design in Stroheim fabric lined in a blackout liner.

This acrylic bookcase offers great storage without taking up a lot of visual space & ties in well with the other acrylic and crystal accents in the room.

Talk about the perfect chandelier for this nursery!! I was so excited to have Crystorama as a sponsor for the ORC. We specify them all of the time for projects and they offer so many fabulous lighting options. This chandelier is available through IBB Design.

We love to personalize our clients spaces! We’re fortunate to have an amazingly talented woman on #teamIBB that makes this all possible for our clients!

Custom functional drapery & hardware from IBB Design.

This mirror y’all! Lamps Plus seriously hooked us up! How fabulous is it over the changing table? Pink changing pad is from

Let’s take a look now at the bathroom transformation. It’s really quite a dramatic difference from where we started!

New white quartz countertops were chosen to go on the new vanity cabinet. We selected this white Kohler Undermount Sink from & Hansgrohe faucet. Hansgrohe has a beautiful polished nickel that was perfect for the room.

Vanity tray, Turkish wash cloths & hand towels from

The Schumacher wallpaper & the painted detail on the new doors are two of my favorite design details in the bathroom. And how about those fabulous Hudson Valley Lighting sconces that we had set in the mirror?

I just adore this little skirted vanity chair from We personalized it by painting a B on it for the sweet baby girl in the same font we used to embroider the towels.

We used the Marbre orchid in white from my collection with The Botanical Mix as an accent on the vanity. The orchids are 3D printed and even feel real to the touch. The moss is preserved and will never turn brown or dry out.

Marbre Orchid Arrangement

Vanity Tray

Hudson Valley Lighting Sconces

Emtek door hardware

Schumacher wallpaper

Hansgrohe Plumbing

Kohler tub from

Bath mat from

Tub surround tile from

Floor tile from

I love how well the polished nickel works with our design scheme.

Hansgrohe shower wand

Bath mat from

Thank you so much for following along on our One Room Challenge journey. Head over to my Instagram & Instagram stories for more photos, product/shopping links & behind the scenes.

Make sure you follow the other featured designers. What an amazing group! I am floored by all of their transformations! Go check them out for yourself via the links below.


At Home with Ashley | Bre Purposed | Dabito | The English Room | Erin Kestenbaum

Harlow & Thistle | House of Brinson | J & J Design | Kelly Golightly | Linda Holt

Megan Bachmann | Michelle Gage | Mimosa Lane | Murphy Deesign | Nicole Cole

Old Home Love | SG Style | Shay Geyer | Sita Montgomery | SMP Living

Media Partner Better Homes & Gardens | TM by ORC

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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Week Five

Holy moly! There is certainly a reason this event is dubbed the One Room CHALLENGE. Six weeks is an intense & tight timeline to pull together a project from start to finish when there is tile, plumbing, paint & so many other aspects involved. Trades are on top of each other to get their work done. Unfortunately, this creates more room for error and many grouchy people in the mix. At this point, I go into cheerleader mode – cheering everyone on to make it to the finish line.

Let’s start with updates of what happened this week. One of the biggest transformations is that the wallpaper went up. OMG! I’m completely in love! I’ll give you a sneak peek but I don’t want to spoil anything for the big reveal.

Here it is… the gorgeous wallpaper we used on the day bed wall. The seams are still wet in this photo. I’m completely smitten with this paper & how it turned out!!


Just look at that pattern match on the plug! 😍

These Crystorama sconces are absolute perfection on top of this wallpaper!

I love how the paper in the bathroom turned out too! And the lilac paint highlighting the door design is the cutest! All of the design details are starting to come together & we couldn’t be more excited. A tricky pattern match on the light switches but my installer did a fabulous job!

The frameless glass shower door has been installed too. Such a fresh new look in here! The tub, plumbing & tile all gave this bathroom a fabulous new look!

We will be installing all of the drapery & furnishings this Friday. Let’s recap everything that we’ll be using.

We’ve selected this amazing acrylic crib. I love this crib so much – it almost makes me want another baby! I will just live vicariously through my clients though 😉. The crib is available at IBB Design.

We selected this memory foam mattress from for the crib.

The custom day bed I designed is definitely one of my favorite things we have planned for the room! This is a work in progress photo from my upholsterer. Just wait until you see the nail head design that will go across the base & all of the yummy pillow fabrics!!

Here’s a sneak peek at the adorable swivel rocker from IBB Design that we upholstered in the same Fabricut blush fabric we used on the day bed.

This acrylic bookshelf from will be placed on the wall by the swivel rocker. It will be perfect for books, photo frames, toy bins & to organize other baby necessities.

This mirror from Lamps Plus will be going over the changing table.

The dresser/changing table & nightstands were all custom from IBB so you’ll have to tune in to my Instagram stories this Friday to get a sneak peek of those 😍.

We selected this vanity chair from for the bathroom vanity. We have a special little somethin somethin we’re planing on doing to personalize it.

Make sure to check out the updates from the other ORC featured designers & cheer them on! Will all of our design plans be ready in time for the big reveal? Stay tuned to find out! We have one week left y’all!

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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Week Four

We’ve officially entered into crunch time for the One Room Challenge & the pressure is really on! So much to do before the big reveal in two weeks on November 7th! Slow. Deep. Breaths. Do. Not. Panic. 😬😜 It’s always good to remind yourself that we’re not curing cancer here. We’re designing & constructing beautiful & functional spaces. Every issue or problem always has a solution & there is ALWAYS going to be an issue when you’re remodeling or building a home. In situations like this, it’s imperative to have an All-Star team and a calm demeanor! My contractor, Todd Atwood, is on top of it! Remember – this nursery is actually a part of a whole house remodel so there is a ton going on at the home right. At this point in the challenge, I typically start getting a lot bossier (is that even possible LOL?) & start cracking my whip reminding all of the trades of the VERY tight deadline we are on. This project is no small feat to be completed in six weeks. BTW, have you seen what my friend & fellow featured designer Holly Phillips of The English Room has taken on? Girl – your project is more like a One HOUSE Challenge 😉. I’m sending you a little stress relief care package!!

Back to my client’s nursery. There is so much to catch you up on! A lot of progress has happened in the last week. In case you missed last week’s update, you can read it here. But first, can we take a moment to swoon over this rendering by Jane Gianarelli of what the bathroom design will look like complete?

The Hansgrohe plumbing fixtures have been installed. They have a fabulous polished nickel finish. I am just loving how everything is coming together! This Kohler tub from is a new favorite & how cute is the tub surround tile?

I love using hand held shower wands for kid’s bedrooms & guest rooms. It really comes in handy when you’re bathing toddlers and great for when they grow into teens too. At Casa de Geyer, we often use our hand held shower wands to bathe our dogs too 🐶.

The new doors are in & the painting is being finished as we speak.

We selected these bathmats in white from to use for the tub area. I loved them so much when they arrived that I actually ordered some for my own home too 😍

The new LED can lights are also being installed in the ceiling. There is no natural light in this bathroom, so the two cans & two sconces in the mirror are our only light sources. It was very important to get the right color temperature in here to ensure a light & bright space but not be blinding or feel commercial. My favorite color temperature is around 3,000 Kelvin. It’s not yellow but it’s not a harsh bright white either.

The new Toto toilet is in now too!

Lots of painting happening!

I absolutely love how the paint detail on the doors turned out! The doors, crown & baseboards are painted in Sherwin Williams Snowbound in a semi-gloss finish. The door detail is Sherwin Williams Potentially Purple (I added 25% more white to the formula). The walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Innocence (I also added 25% white to this formula). The ceiling is SW Snowbound in a flat finish.

Let’s talk furniture for a moment. You might remember from the rendering, that I designed a custom day bed for my client. I have the world’s best upholsterer! He has made so many amazing custom pieces for me & other IBB designers over the years. Their quality & craftsmanship continue to amaze me. Let’s check in on it’s progress.

The daybed is being upholstered is this gorgeous blush fabric from Fabricut.

Look at that pattern match y’all!

I designed a pretty intricate nail pattern that mimics the Stroheim trim tape we’re using in the room. I thought Luis was going to kill me when I sent it over. Every single nail is hand applied. I’m sure he will let me know exactly how many nails he hammered in 😉. It’s turning out so fabulous though!

We will dress the day bed with this white mattelasse from as well as some custom decorative 22″ pillows & a pair of bolsters in this fabric from Trend made in our workroom at IBB.

Let’s discuss a few more design details in the bathroom.

We’re monogramming some yummy plush white hand towels from The soft lilac vanity chair (they call it Smokey Quartz) is also from Overstock. One of our designers at IBB is hand-painting the B on it in blush for us.

I’ll also be using this mirrored vanity tray from to neatly organize a few bathroom necessities & accessories.

The artwork in the bathroom is a sketch of the custom gown my client wore for the Tyler Rose Parade. I love that the dress colors coordinate perfectly with the nursery colors. We are having it reframed to update it & coordinate with the space.

I plan on using the Marbre orchid arrangement from my collection with Botanical Mix. I haven’t decided on the white or the fuchsia yet. Head over to my Instagram stories to weigh in on your favorite on my poll.

So – now to discuss the not so fun part – issues. The building & construction in our area is at an all time high. Everyone is busy & everyone has more work than they can take on. Getting trades to show up when they say they will is a challenge in & of itself – which REALLY makes completing this ORC project in 6 weeks even more difficult!

My wallpaper installer was supposed to prep the bedroom wall & bathroom over a week & a half ago. As of today it’s still not done 👎🏻. I’ve texted & called every day to get updates & find out when his crew can get over to start. I don’t like to chase people down. It’s a big waste of my time and beyond frustrating. Today I finally had to make the tough call to use another one of my installers if we’re going to get this room done on time. My other installer is just as amazing & was able to re-organize his jobs to head over to my ORC project. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻. I really hate changing trades during a project though but sometimes you’re left with no choice. I had to get my other installer up to speed on what needed to be done & get him to give us a labor quote. More time wasted 🤦🏼‍♀️

The wallpapers are such a big part of the design. The rooms just wouldn’t be the same without them. The walls will now be getting prepped tomorrow so the installation can happen soon and hopefully we can make up for lost time.

I cannot wait to see these papers go up!!

Follow me on Instagram & check out my stories for additional photos, behind-the-scenes & sneak peeks!

Make sure to check out the updates from the other ORC featured designers & cheer them on! I know we could all use a big group hug right about now! Will we all make the deadline for the big reveal? Stay tuned to find out! We’re in the home stretch y’all!!

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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Week Three

Things are moving right along & the new design for the Brazil’s nursery is starting to take shape.

Let’s chat about some of the design elements we’ve selected for the room. I’m very excited about the lighting for this project! We were very fortunate to get to select from two fabulous lighting sponsors – Crystorama & Hudson Valley. I must say I was stoked about both sponsors as we source from them often for all of our projects at IBB. All of the lighting was in stock & came super quick! That is such a huge bonus when you’re on a tight deadline!

Both companies have a vast assortment of styles and applications to choose from. Let’s take a look at the light fixtures we selected.

A pair of these sconces from Hudson Valley will be mounted on the bathroom mirror.

This chandelier from Crystorama will be centered in the baby’s room.

And a pair of these sconces from Crystorama will flank the day bed.

Let’s take a look at what happened this week while I was away at High Point market.

Most of the progress was made in the bathroom this week as the elements of the bathroom design started getting installed.

Here’s a quick link access for the items shown in the photo below provided by our sponsors:

We laid the white ceramic rectangular tile from in a staggered brick joint on the floor in the tub area. We used Custom Fusion #380 Bright White grout for it. Make sure to get the Fusion grout. It has the sealer already mixed into it. I love it – especially for the lighter colored grouts!

How cute is this striped floor? We used the lavender penny round from & the white ceramic rectangular tile to create the striped pattern.

The cabinets are scheduled to go in later today. You can see the junction boxes are in place for the Hudson Valley sconces that will be set on the vanity mirror.

The tub from is set & the white patterned tile from for the tub surround has been installed. We used Custom Fusion #380 Bright White grout with it as well.

Since this is a jack & jill bathroom, we only did the lavender stripe on the baby girl’s side. We kept the tub area & other vanity area all white to keep it gender neutral for future kiddos.

This adorable wallpaper for the bathroom arrived this week! The bedroom & bathroom wallpapers are both scheduled to install next week.

So many things scheduled to happen over the next week! We’re working with our paint samples today to confirm the selections over at the house today. Cabinets & countertops will be going in, new doors installed, painting & much more! Make sure you’re following my Instagram stories for sneak peeks as the week progresses!

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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Week Two

It’s week 2 & the nursery plans are well underway. Why do I feel like the clock is ticking 100 times faster than usual? Oh, right!!! We are down 2 weeks with just 4 weeks to go. So much still needs to happen! Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m on a plane to High Point market as we speak? This coming week’s project management will be done remotely for me while I’m in North Carolina. Don’t worry though – I can still crack the whip no matter how far away 😉

Today we’re discussing the design & demo plans. Below is a rendering of my design for the nursery.

Last week, we discussed how this gorgeous Schumacher wallpaper was our jumping off point for the room’s design.

We’re very fortunate to have Fabricut as the fabric sponsor, so we’ve selected some amazing fabrics in our palette for drapery, a treatment over the custom daybed, the swivel rocker & pillows.

All of the tile for the bathroom remodel has been provided by Can we just take a moment to give them the biggest shout out? They have gone above & beyond for our challenge. Their customer service has been amazing and I’m very excited about the products my client is receiving from them to finish out the bathroom. They get a huge gold star for giving us access to the “easy button”.

Back to the design – Let’s chat about the bathroom. We are creating a striped pattern on the floor out of the lavender penny round & the white rectangular ceramic tile.

The white patterned tile on mesh is for the tub surround. I absolutely love the Emtek hardware for the vanity cabinets & other bathroom built-ins! All of the plumbing from Hansgrohe has arrived. The polished nickel faucet is amazing! I cannot wait to see it installed. We also chose a hand held shower wand so bathing the baby will be a breeze!

The tub & sink from have arrived too & our contractor is getting the tub set as we speak. Lots of prep work is happening & the tile work should be starting soon!

Here are a few progress photos of where we’re at now.

The new bathtub is going in!

These will both become new storage areas with adjustable shelving, a dirty clothes hamper & drawers.

The junction boxes for the bathroom sconces are in. They will be set inside the mirror.

Next week I’ll go more in depth on our lighting and furniture selections & of course more progress updates!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram & check out my stories for more sneak peeks, behind the scenes, sponsors, tips & more!

Don’t forget to check out the other featured designers! I am having a blast following all of their projects! So much inspiration! Are you joining as a guest participant? Message me so I can follow along. We’re all in this together, right? Cheers to progress in our makeover journeys!!

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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Week One

Here we go! I’m very excited to be taking on another project and participating as a featured designer in Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge. If you’re not familiar with the ORC, then click here to learn all about it.

In the midst of planning a whole home remodel with my clients Trey & Bliss Brazil, they discovered they were pregnant with their first child. So – after finding out they were having a little girl, we began designing a nursery for them. Aren’t they just the cutest?!

When I was asked by Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home to participate in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge, I knew the Brazil’s nursery would be the perfect room for the challenge.

Their North Dallas home was built in the 80’s and has had very little updating done to it.

Are you ready to take a look at some of the before photos? We have many changes that need to be addressed.

So, now you’ve seen the before photos. Let me give you a little glimpse into my game plan for the room.

Below is a rough layout of our furniture plan. We’re designing the nursery to be able to grow with the baby. It will be chic & sophisticated & not at all juvenile. I’ve custom designed a day bed that will go on our focal wall. We’ll pair two nightstands with it flanking either side. We have some stunning sconces from Crystorama going over the nightstands. An acrylic crib will sit directly opposite the day bed.

There’s obviously so much more to share so follow along on my Instagram & Instagram stories for behind the scenes & sneak peeks

Tune in this Thursday at 5:30 Central time as my team & I go LIVE to discuss our ORC project. Feel free to jump in & ask us any design related questions you might have.

Next Wednesday we’ll dive deeper into the design plan and share more of our amazing sponsors for our ORC project.

Be sure to follow the rest of the featured designers along their One Room Challenge journey. I’m so excited to see the projects that everyone is taking on! See the links below to find their blogs. There is some serious talent this season! If you have the itch to join in on the ORC fun, then join us as a guest participant! Guest participants post every Thursday. You can find more info on how to participate & how to link your blog here.

At Home with Ashley | Bre Purposed | Dabito | The English Room | Erin Kestenbaum

Harlow & Thistle | House of Brinson | J & J Design | Kelly Golightly | Linda Holt

Megan Bachmann | Michelle Gage | Mimosa Lane | Murphy Deesign | Nicole Cole

Old Home Love | SG Style | Shay Geyer | Sita Montgomery | SMP Living

Media Partner Better Homes & Gardens | TM by ORC

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“Arrows” was one of the first patterns that I developed for my new fabric collection. I wanted it to have a painterly effect where the brushstrokes were evident. We’re offering it in 10 colors from neutrals to more vibrant hues. It’s a versatile pattern that could work in a range of aesthetics and rooms depending on the color you choose.

Here we’ve used it in the graystone color and paired it with camel and blush pink as an accent. This scheme lends itself to a vintage vibe and makes for a soft and sweet nursery. The ruffled edge around the pillows offers a frilly, girly feel. The pattern’s scale works for many uses – drapery panels, pillows and even the crib’s bed skirt.

Cut yardage and pillows from the Shay Geyer Collection are available to purchase at IBB Design Fine Furnishings and at Ask one of our designers for a quote for custom drapery and bedding made from these fabrics.

Photography by Dan Piassick

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FALL 2017 One Room Challenge: The Big Reveal!

The big day is here!  I finally get to share the full room & all of the details with you for the One Room Challenge  sponsored by House Beautiful.  I was very honored to have been asked to be one of twenty featured designers for the Fall 2017 ORC & design the living room & dining area for one of Dwell with Dignity’s projects.  This is my fourth time participating in the ORC & I love that this time I get the opportunity to give back.  I sit on the advisory board for Dwell with Dignity so I’m always happy to participate in more hands on activities with them.  I wish I could share more with you about the family but due to safety and privacy issues, I cannot.  I can tell you that the look on their faces when they walked thru the door to see the big reveal was absolutely priceless!  It was something that I will remember forever.  The project is an apartment home for a sweet woman and her two children.  The large open family room and dining space had it’s challenges but it also had some great pros to work with.  Over the last 7 weeks, we designed & implemented a new look for the space.  We worked with the ORC sponsors and some of our vendor partners to secure furnishings, fabric & accessories to help give this family a fabulous new beginning.

Let’s take a quick look at the before.




Now let’s take a closer look at the room’s new design.  You might remember from my previous post that the room’s jumping off point for the color palette was this stunning pillow from Arianna Belle.

I just love how the tented wall & drapery turned out!  I was so excited to use my Genesis fabric in Shay Blue from my new fabric collection for this project.  I love the backdrop that the tented wall provides for the artwork and sofa.  It’s the perfect pop of pattern & color!  I’ve received a lot of messages regarding the green velvet sofa from Article.  It’s the Sven sofa in grass green.  The modern take on a mid-century classic shape is so fabulous!  Article was so great to work with.  They shipped the sofa very quickly after I placed the order and it only took a few days to arrive.  They had great customer service and follow up.  The drapery hardware was graciously donated by Design Elements.

We gave them a desk area so that mom could have a workspace for her jewelry making or the kiddos could sit & do their home work.

We used a 48″ round dining table with four green velvet chairs from Home Pop for seating.  I also added an etagere in this space where she can display her jewelry and store some of her supplies.

To allow for ample space to move around, I had to shift the media cabinet down the wall a bit.  Since it was not centered on the wall, I used a blue velvet accent chair from Home Pop and created a gallery effect with the tv by hanging a piece of art and a brass longhorn around it to appear as a grouping.

I love how the etagere gives her storage & a way to display her beautiful jewelry designs.

This fabulous blue and gold leafed cocktail table is from IBB Design Fine Furnishings.  I love how it really pulls the blue from the Nourison rug!

Here’s an overall look at the living area.  I’m so pleased with how it turned out!  The arched mirror in the hallway is from IBB Design Fine Furnishings and the fuchsia storage bench is from Home Pop.  A HUGE thank you to all of the Dwell with Dignity volunteers and to #teamIBB for helping out with the installation and to Paula Ross for helping me tent the wall with my fabric & for making the drapery panels!

I hope you enjoyed following along on my design journey!  I will definitely be back to participate in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge!  I still have several projects that I need to tackle in my own home.  Make sure you check out the rest of the Featured Designers for the ORC as well as the Guest Participants.  There is so much design inspiration!!

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Fall 2017 One RoomChallenge: Week 5

Since it’s not quite time to share the big reveal, I thought I’d give you guys a behind the scenes look at our installation. It took a village to pull off the installation & get it all photographed. Huge shout out to all of the Dwell with Dignity volunteers & everyone from #teamIBB that helped!


Here’s a little hanging tip that my friend Laura from DWD shared with us when we went to hang this brass longhorn.


When you have a piece of art that has D rings or screw holes, take toothpaste & dab it on each hole or D ring & then press it on the wall where you want to hang it. The toothpaste will leave  marks (you can wipe up later) showing you exactly where you need to hang it.


Then all you have to do is drill & hang. So easy!

I was so excited to run into one of my friend’s sweet mom at the installation. She is a regular volunteer for Dwell with Dignity. Thank you for your help Sid!

It’s always nice when my hubby can help out on an installation. He’s so handy & great at problem solving. We make a great team & have so much fun together. Thank you for your help honey!  If you see him around tomorrow, (November 2nd) then make sure you tell him Happy Birthday 😉

You’re also seeing Jose & Adrian from #teamIBB in the photo. They do a fabulous job for us installing our client projects & delivering goodies from IBB. Thanks guys!

Lastly, you see Erin Letry, the junior designer on my team, in the mirror reflection. Erin is my right hand & keeps all of our projects organized and running smoothly.  Thank you for your help on this project Erin!

Tune in next week for more details about the project. The big reveal will be on Wednesday, November 17th.   In the meantime, check out the other Calling it Home One Room Challenge featured designers below.

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Fall 2017 One Room Challenge: Week 4

Well folks, things are getting crazy around here!  It’s week 4 and we’re past the halfway point. HOWEVER, for the first time in One Room Challenge history, they are granting a one week extension.  We received an email from ORC creator Linda Weinstein explaining “never have there been so many natural disasters in so many states leading up to, and during the ORC. Between Texas, Florida and California, many participants have had to endure unusual circumstances and because of this, we will be supporting each other with a one week extension.”  My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by any of these natural disasters. The featured designers big reveals will now take place on Wednesday, November 15th. If you’re a guest participant, you’ll be getting an extension as well! Did you know that there are over 220 guest participants?  Follow their challenges & see the big reveals on Thursday, November 16th.

The week long extension won’t exactly affect my project with Dwell with Dignity. We’ve actually already installed it! As soon as I returned from market, we loaded up & headed out to install this beautiful apartment home to help give a new beginning to a very deserving family. Due to the privacy/safety of the family and the charitable process for Dwell with Dignity, I can’t share photos of the family or much about them but I can share sneak peeks of the room until the big reveal 😉

So, for the next few weeks I’ll be teasing you with fabulous photos, progress and giving you the scoop of our amazing “village” of sponsors, vendors & volunteers it took to pull this off in record time.

Let’s dive into some of the details of transforming this home for this sweet family. The wall has been tented & the drapery panels went up in my Genesis fabric. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!!! Thank you to Design Elements for donating the fabulous brass hardware!  And, OMG – how amazing does the fuchsia Nourison rug look?

Thank you to Paula Ross for taking over the task of tenting the wall!  We stapled the fabric to a furring strip to ensure little to no damage to the wall.

The Arianna Belle pillows arrived in the prettiest packaging with a hand written thank you note!  I told y’all she was fabulous!

I cannot get over how incredibly perfect these pillows are with the rug from Nourison!

Here’s another close up of the rug where you can see more of the blue & green accents.

Tune in next Wednesday for more photos & details from our installation. Make sure you check out the progress from the other featured designers below.
Boxwood Avenue | Coco & Jack | Design Manifest | IBB for DWD | The House That Lars Built |
Little Green Notebook | The Makerista | Making it Lovely | Old Brand New | Old Home Love
| The Painted House | Megan Pflug Designs | Pink Pagoda | Erica Reitman | Sacramento
Street | Simply Grove | Jill Sorensen | Sugar & Cloth | Vintage Rug Shop | Waiting on Martha
Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by ORC

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Fall 2017 One Room Challenge: Week 3 Furniture Plan

Greetings ORC friends!  It’s week 3 & I’m checking in from High Point, North Carolina as we wrap up a week at the Fall Home Furnishings Market.

The design is starting to come together!  I’m super excited to share with you that we got approval to tent the sofa wall!!! Woohoo!!  So, that will be getting installed next week. We’ve also secured more furnishings & accessories for the design.  Let’s take a look at where we’re at with the plan.

1). The gorgeous pillows from Arianna Belle were the jumping off point for the room’s color palette.  The homeowner requested a happy palette of pink, green & blue so a pair of these pretty pillows will go on the sofa.

2) A huge thank you to Nourison for helping us out with this gorgeous hand knotted rug. The primarily fuchsia pattern has accents of blue & green so it’s perfect for our palette!

3) The gorgeous green velvet sofa from Article will anchor the main seating area.

4) My Genesis pattern in Shay Blue from my new fabric collection will be used to tent the wall behind the sofa.

5) Huge hugs to my friends at Wendover Art Group for donating this gorgeous large scaled art!  It’s going to make quite the statement over the sofa!

This mirror from IBB Design Fine Furnishings & this bench from Home Pop will go in the hallway between the kids’ bedrooms.  You might remember that I was originally going to float the bench between the main sitting area & the dining table but I changed my mind. I really think it’s best to keep that space open & the hallway is perfect for a storage bench like this.

We’re working on finalizing selections for the end tables, lamps, a desk, swivel chairs, cocktail table, etagere & breakfast nook table.

Tune in next Wednesday for more progress updates!  Make sure you’re following the other featured designers as well as the guest participants. There is so much amazing design happening around the country!  I love it!!!

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Fall One Room Challenge: Week 2 Updates & a Few Sponsor Announcements 

It’s week 2 y’all! Time is tickin!! I’m checking off items on my list for my One Room Challenge for Dwell with Dignity but there is still so much to do! Remember – I can’t paint, wallpaper or change any of the light fixtures so I’m trying to think outside the box to really bring the WOW factor!

Today I want to share with you my preliminary space plan & a few sneak peeks at some of the items we’ve already secured from the @CallingitHome @OneRoomChallenge official Sponsors.

Space plan:

The room is large but has a challenging layout. I’ve laid out the space to include a sitting area, a desk/workspace, a place for a tv & a dining area.

The wall for the tv is not directly in front of the sitting area. It’s off to the side quite a bit. Due to certain parameters & restrictions of apartment living, this is one element that cannot be changed. I hope to find a pair of swivel chairs for the sitting area to better accommodate tv viewing & this arrangement Challenge.

Confirmed furnishings & accessories:

1) Arianna Belle Pillows  @arianna_belleArianna Belle

I was very excited to see Arianna Belle as a sponsor for the ORC! Can we talk about her fab collection & how equally fabulous she is??? The homeowner requested a happy palette of pink, green & blue to enjoy with her family. When I found this pillow design from her, I immediately decided to use it as our jumping off point for the color palette. I will be using a pair of them on the green velvet sofa.

2) HomePop @HomePopFurniture

I love the pops of color these pieces I selected from ORC sponsor will bring to the room! I’m using 4 green velvet dining chairs around the breakfast nook table. Since the homeowner has a passion for jewelry making, I want this table & chairs to also function as a work space for her to design & make jewelry. I’d love to put an etagere in the space to provide her some storage for all of her jewelry supplies.

I’m using the fuchsia accent chair at the desk.

And the fuchsia storage bench will float between the dining space & the swivel chairs.

To provide extra seating, we’re using the blue accent chair in the hallway by the floor mirror. This will allow for easy pull up seating when they have extra guests or family over.

3) Article @article #ourarticle Sofa

4) Jewelry mirror from @ibbdesign

*please note that IBB is not an official ORC sponsor but we will be donating some furnishings & accessories for this Dwell with Dignity project. *

This will be anchored in the hallway off of the space. The mirror opens to reveal hidden jewelry storage. This will provide her with extra storage for her finished jewelry pieces.

5) Genesis fabric in Shay Blue

*Please note that the Shay Geyer brand is not an official ORC sponsor but we will be donating yardage of the Genesis fabric for this Dwell with Dignity project. *

This is a pattern I designed for my new fabric collection. I named it Genesis because the word means “New Beginning”. I’ll be using it for drapery panels. I also have big plans for the wall behind the sofa. I can’t upholster the wall but I have an idea that will do little or no damage to the wall when we apply it. I’m still waiting on permission for this. Cross your fingers because this will really help kick up the “WOW” factor in this space! The name of this new fabric came about for many reasons. 1) This is my first time launching my own fabric collection. 2) It’s actually one of my favorite books in the Bible as it describes the story of Creation. When our church was being built, my family donated a stained glass window for the front exterior elevation of the building. The book of the Bible we chose was Genesis. 3) IBB Design Fine Furnishings is located on a street named Genesis. We didn’t have a hand in naming our street, but I can assure you that it was all part of God’s plan for us & I hope this will signify an amazing new beginning for this sweet family!

A HUGE thank you to all of the confirmed sponsors we have so far!  You have no idea the impact you will have on this family. Thank you SO much for your generosity!!
Here are my “holes” still left on my to-do list. There’s still a lot of work to do!
Waiting on confirmation from vendors/still need:

*Art – THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT HOLE TO FILL! It will be a huge focal point & help tie the whole design together. (No pressure 😩) I’ll be hanging it over the fabric over the sofa. I’m looking for horizontal 60×40 piece that has the color palette as well as other bright happy colors & modern/abstract in style. 
*Kitchen nook dining table (48” round all wood or base with glass top & preferably a pedestal base)
*neutral swivel chairs for sitting area
*tv media cabinet 
*cocktail table
*2 end tables
*additional accent pillows
*throw blankets

If you are a vendor or manufacturer who would like to donate anything from the list above, please DM me on Instagram or send an email to & copy & **Please keep in mind that all donations/sponsorships must have final approval by @CallingitHome @OneRoomChallenge & @DwellwithDignity.**

Stay tuned for next week’s updates & make sure you check out more week 2 progress from the other ORC Featured Designers.

ORC Featured Designers


I’m headed to High Point market this week, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram & my Instagram stories for sneak peeks of what we’re finding & fun industry news!

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Fall 2017 One Room Challenge ~ Dwell with Dignity

It’s that time of year! The Calling it Home One Room Challenge is back! If you read this blog or follow me on instagram, then you know that I am a big fan of the ORC. As a matter of

fact, I’m writing this blog post while sitting in the room I transformed in our own home during the Spring 2017 ORC ~ our study. It’s now one of my favorite rooms in our home & we spend a lot of time in here as a family. This season will mark my 5th time participating in the blogging event.

I’m excited to announce that for the Fall 2017 ORC, I’ll be one of twenty featured designers and I’m teaming up with Dwell with Dignity for an extra special transformation. I will be making over the family room and dining area in an apartment home for some of Dwell with Dignity’s clients. Due to privacy, I can’t share much about the family that we’re working with but I can tell you that the project is being designed for a mother, her son & daughter. I’m a big believer in using the talents that God gave you to give back to your community so when Linda from Calling it Home One Room Challenge and Dwell with Dignity asked if I’d participate, I did not even hesitate.

I’m very excited to begin the transformation for this family. My overall goal is to take the cues that the mother gave me and create a home environment that feels happy, comfy and functional for how they live. She absolutely loves pink and she has a passion for making jewelry. We will definitely be incorporating these elements into our design plan.

Here are a few must haves for the family room and dining area:
1) seating area
2) Tv cabinet/media console
3) storage for jewelry making supplies & finished pieces
4) dining table & seating for 4

Let’s discuss a few of the pros & cons of the spaces that we’re dealing with.
1) The family room area is a large open space large.
2) There is defined area for dining designated by a hanging light fixture.
3) The spaces have hardwood flooring.

Since it is an apartment home, we have some restrictions as far as the design is concerned.
1) We cannot paint or wallpaper.
2) We cannot change out any of the light fixtures.

Let’s take a look at a few of the before photos of this sweet family’s apartment home.



Next week, we’ll dive into more of the space planning and I’ll start giving you a few sneak peeks into some of the specific furnishings, products and fabrics we’ll be using. Follow along on our journey on my instagram & instagram stories. Make sure you check out the other featured designers in the One Room Challenge listed below. Progress updates will be posted every Wednesday. If you want to join in on the fun & makeover a space, you can still join in as a guest participant. Just log onto & join the link up starting tomorrow.

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Spring 2017 One Room Challenge: Week 6 The Big Reveal!

Well folks, the six weeks has come to an end & I’m happy to report that we have another completed room at Casa de Geyer. Yes, there were some challenges along the way but everything worked out beautifully in the end.

Before we get into the big reveal, let’s remember what the room looked like when we bought the house.

Here’s what the room looks like today!

I’m so pleased with how it all turned out!  We’ve been spending a ton of time in here. Roxy is especially fond of her new post as watch dog 🐶😉


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One Room Challenge: Week 5

A few big things happened this week & we are in the home stretch!

The gold leaf wallpaper went in on the back of our bookshelves. I love how it has lightened things up & the glamour it brings to the room.

The motorized drapery went in.  I couldn’t be more excited about it!  We finally have some privacy in here at night & I love the pop of pattern the fabric brings in. The white linen background is a beautiful contrast to the rich black lacquered paneling.

​Check out the motorized shades in action. I’m not sure who’s more excited – me or my hubby!

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One Room Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4

I’m a bit behind on blogging about the updates in our study 😬. Hopefully you’ve been following along on Instagram though & you’re enjoying the behind the scenes & sneak peeks on Instagram stories. We had a blast at market! It was a very productive trip & I cannot wait to share all of the goodies we found for IBB Design Fine Furnishings & my clients’ projects!

I’m playing catch up after being out of town & wanted to share the progress of our study makeover. To be honest, there hasn’t been a whole lot of activity happening during weeks 3 & 4. We’re sort of in the hurry up & wait phase. Everything is on order & now I’m just crossing my fingers that everything arrives & gets installed in time.

I had this quilted yellow leather chair up in our guest bedroom but I decided to try it out down in our study. I’m loving it here by our fireplace & have enjoyed having my morning coffee here. I found the perfect little drink table in brass & blue to use next to it.

Both of my daughters love to be in here with me when I’m working so I added this ottoman to tuck underneath the desk. We’ve also enjoyed using it to kick up our feet when we’re sitting in the yellow leather chair.

Roxy is patiently awaiting the arrival of our new sofa. It will sit here in front of the windows. It’s going to be the perfect post for our guard dog 😉

I selected this gorgeous sofa from Hancock & Moore. I’m having it upholstered in the gorgeous Moonlight Monet blue leather from Century. It will have brass nails and brass ferrules. The sofa shipped on Thursday. When I tracked it on Friday it was in a holding pattern in a warehouse but they assured me it will arrive before Wednesday.

My original game plan was to use antique mirror to line the backs of the bookshelves and the area above the credenza. When they came to template, they said they couldn’t do each bookcase in one solid piece. It would have to have several seams in each section due to the way the bookshelves were constructed. I decided I couldn’t live with that many seams. It just wouldn’t capture the look I was after so I had to come up with plan b. I found a gorgeous gold leaf wallpaper from Donghia. It has a beautiful reflective quality to it. The paper will be going up on Monday. I can’t wait!  After that goes in, I’ll be working on getting the bookshelves accessories & organized. Family photos, treasures, my cocktail table book collection & a few favorite pieces of art & accessories will fill the shelves.

The traversing drapery will also be going in on Monday. I had originally ordered this David Hocks fabric that I’d been pining over for quite some time. I actually ordered it back in December. You heard me right!  December!  It was backorderd & kept getting pushed back.

Right before this challenge started, it looked as if I may never receive the fabric so I came up with plan b. I designed this embroidered fabric & was having it made. I just love how the design turned out.

Come to find out, the David Hicks fabric ended shipping straight to my workroom & the drapery is now done.  I’m excited to see how it turned out!  The fabric I designed is still on its way so I’ll find another project to use it in 😉.

Many things will be happening this upcoming week so make sure you follow along on my Instagram stories for sneak peeks & updates!  We’re in the home stretch!

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Spring 2017:  One Room Challenge Week 2

OMG! What did I get myself in to?  As I sit here writing this post (after 1:00 AM), I’m starting to think I should have chosen our pool bath instead of our study 😬. With all I have on my plate with clients & running a business, it proves very difficult to find time to tackle my own design to-do list. This past week has been a whirlwind. We head to High Point market next week, so I’ve been meeting with clients back to back, checking in on projects, presenting concepts & sourcing.  We’re very fortunate that the area of Dallas we live in is booming. Like crazy big time booming!  There’s no shortage of folks building new homes or looking to remodel. With so many companies relocating here, the real estate market is on fire and so many commercial projects are popping up all around us. It’s definitely an exciting time at IBB Design. With tight deadlines and such a high demand for skilled trades & labor, I’ve spent a great deal of time calling in favors to get projects completed for my clients. This first week of the ORC has definitely been a reality check for me that this room may not be camera ready in six weeks.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty & discuss inspiration, details & timeline.

As you saw last week, the room’s backdrop is high gloss black paneling, white ceiling & brass & acrylic light fixtures.

Now if you know me or follow me on social media, then you know I love color!  Let’s take a look at some inspiration photos for the room’s color palette. I saved these photos a while back & can’t remember the original source, so if you know the designer, let me know so I can credit.

L💙VE all of this fresh color!  Blue, yellow & a small pop of fuchsia – AMEN to all of that!

This inspiration photo really captures the color vibe I’m after.

The art above will go above our fireplace mantle is my inspiration for my room’s palette. It’s a actually an Hermes scarf that my mom gave me as a gift. I’m framing it to turn it into artwork that I can see & enjoy every day. I’m not typically a green person but I’m so drawn to pulling out this stunning malachite that I’m going to step out of my normal comfort zone & go for it as a strong accent in the room 😍.

I’ll be doing motorized drapery in here. The panels will hang on a simple brass traversing rod & the top photo shows the square finial I’m using. I have a little trick up my sleeve with the drapery fabric (more on that later) but this is going to be a super tight turnaround considering all of the elements of the design. The black & brass bar cart (available at IBB Design) will sit to the left of the fireplace with the large scaled gold metal shade lamp on it.

I’m using a glass, chrome & brasssawhorse desk that will float in the center of the room & back to the built in bookshelves. I love this little malachite drink table. I might use it next to the quilted yellow leather chair that I’m using toward the right of the fireplace.

Ok folks! That’s all for today!  Make sure you follow me on Instagram for more sneak peeks and behind the scenes. Easter weekend is almost here!  Enjoy your time with your families.

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Fall 2016 One Room Challenge: The Big Reveal

I’m very excited to share the professional photos & details of my daughter Brooklyn’s One Room Challenge makeover!

To recap – Brookie is a girlie girl.  She loves all things pink, happy & sparkly!  Her main requests for her room were butterflies & pink!

The jumping off point for her room was this adorable butterfly wallpaper that I found.

We used the wallpaper in her bathroom & I had my decorative painter paint large scale butterflies based on the wallpaper flying around her room & ceiling.

The butterfly hardware I used in her bathroom can be purchased at IBB Design.

The Kate Spade chair is also from IBB Design.
The crystal oval shaped door hardware (one of my all time favorites!)is from Emtek.

Her linens are all from Leontine Linens.  I just love how her monogram turned out on her shams, duvet & towels!

The sconces in her bathroom & pendants over her nightstands are also available at IBB Design.

Brookie loves art and to paint and draw.  For the artwork in her room, we chose two frames where she could change out the pieces whenever she wanted to display one of her newest creations.  She even painted the frames herself.  I love that this is something she can look at daily & be proud of herself.

For her drapery, I designed shaped cornices with fixed pleated panels to dress the windows.  The shutters were already in the room when we purchased the home.

My mom & I made the Barbie mirror for her nursery & it’s one of her favorite things.  It worked out perfectly over her chest of drawers from Oomph.

The black tassel pulls are adorable on this chest!

Brookie loves to read so we keep plenty of books on hand on her nightstand to read before bed each night.  She loves pigs (actually any animal at all!) so I used two piggy banks given to her when she was born as the bookends.  She & her sister both took up the ukulele this year, so her pink one (which has become a favorite thing) also rests on her nightstand.

Thank you for allowing me to share my seeet girl’s room makeover with you.  She is really enjoying the new space designed to fit her personality to a T 😊

As I previously mentioned, we moved into a new home this year & there is a lot of work to be done!  So, stay tuned for the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge!  Which room will I tackle next? 😉

Happy Designing!



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Fall 2016 One Room Challenge: Week 6ish…

Okie dokie!  The room is done. Woohoo!!! My “planning ahead” got the best of me when I booked my photographer to shoot the room this week thinking that the Big Reveal was actually next week.  I guess I was determined to buy myself some time during this busy season.  I was installing my project in Grand Cayman last week so the photo shoot had to happen this week.  So, today I will share some behind the scenes & next week I’ll post all of the yummy photos from my friend Dan Piassick.

A quick reminder of what the room looked like before…

Behind the scenes:

Our dog Roxy always seems to work her way into the photos when we’re shooting at our house.  Take a look at her stealing the show in my last One Room Challenge 😉. This photo shoot was no different!  She clearly thinks she’s a doggy model. LOL!

Literally kissing up to Dan trying to schmooze her way into the shot.

I’ll leave you with a little teaser from a screenshot I got off of Dan’s computer while we were shooting.

Ok – one more!  I had to snap this after I put Brooklyn to bed tonight.  My little cutie is so excited with how her room turned out.  It was a lot of fun to involve her in the design process and I loved hearing all of her ideas.  Fingers crossed that one day she’ll want to join the family business or maybe do something great in our industry.

Next week I’ll share all of the professional photos as well as more details on putting her room together.

Happy designing!


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Fall 2016 Week 4 & 5 Update

Holy moly! Things are busy around here. Deep breath.  Now exhale.  I’m clearly behind on posting my updates on Brookie’s bedroom makeover 😬. The room is on schedule but I have not had the time to pen the progress 👎🏻.  I promise we’re having a blast with her room & lots of fun things are happening around here.
This is James Peck (a.k.a Michelangelo 😉) of KidzDigz painting the butterflies around Brookie’s room.

Brookie is a super creative kiddo and she loves to draw & paint so we have a fun plan to showcase her artwork that she’ll be able to switch out whenever she wants to.

 I decided to take on the past 3 One Room Challenges as a way to focus on getting things done in our own home.  I’m fortunate to have a busy design career so projects in our own home usually take a backseat.  The One Room Challenge gave me the push I needed to tackle my own design “to-do” list.  The past 2 challenges’ demanding six week timeline worked out perfectly & I somehow managed to find the time to chronicle it all here on the blog.  Well, not this time.  I just returned from an exciting time at the Fall 2016 High Point Market in North Carolina.  We also had a very exciting project installation in the Cayman Islands

and we’re in the process of several large ground up projects as well as working on adding a new design center at IBB for our finish out specifications.  I also just completed my submission for my nomination for Best Interior Designer for the 2017 ARTS Awards.  I am truly humbled to have been nominated by my peers for this prestigious award and honored to be amongst some very talented friends from across the country who are also in the running.  We also just wrapped up the Winter 2016 edition of IBB at Home which will be out in just a few weeks.

With the holidays approaching, this is always a busy time of year for us at IBB.  Many clients want their homes completed before their holidays guests arrive. I always joke that I could use another 5 hours in every day.  I love my career and it always excites me.  I also love my family and friends and want to make sure I allocate quality time with them each day as well.  I know you all feel me – the work/life balance.  #thestruggleisreal

So, after the kiddos are in bed, my nights are often consumed by catching up on email & sourcing for projects.  With extensive travel going on for projects right now, I’ve been up many nights until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning & getting up around 5:30 or 6:00 – which I know is not healthy! So, I must prioritize and tackle each day and make the most of it.  Unfortunately the last two weeks blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list.  I’m sorry for being tardy my friends & readers!  I hope you will love Brooklyn’s room as much as we do.  It has certainly been a labor of love.  Thank you for letting me explain my absence 😘. You have no idea how much I enjoy hearing from you guys & connecting on social media.

Besides the butterflies being painted,

not a whole lot happened except this fun chest of drawers arrived 😍

Her drapery will be going in soon & her bedding is complete.  Stay tuned because the big reveal will be coming up soon!  Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks & other updates.

Happy designing!


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Fall 2016 One Room Challenge: Week 3

We’re half way there! OMG! We’re halfway there!!!  It seems like we have a lot of details left to complete before Brookie’s room is done & time is ticking!

This was a bit of a slow week for progress in Brookie’s room. Mommy kind of has a lot on her plate right now 😜. I’m prepping to leave for High Point market & then my installation in the Cayman Islands shortly after we get back. There’s a lot of excitement going on at IBB right now with Partners Card right around the corner & everyone rushing to get projects completed before holiday guests arrive.

So what happened this week?

Brookie’s Kate Spade vanity chair from IBB Design arrived 😍

Her nightstands arrived as well.  I’m so pleased with how they turned out & she absolutely loves them 😍

Her pendant lights were also installed over her nightstands.  We’re enjoying turning off all of the lights & just leaving the pendant lights on when we’re reading bedtime stories.

Here’s what is left to do:

  • Install drapery
  • Chest of drawers (on order – just waiting on arrival)
  • Hot pink club chair (on order – just waiting on arrival)
  • Hand painted butterflies around the room
  • Frames for Brooklyn to display her artwork & switch out as she wants (need to source)
  • Monogrammed Bed linens (on order – just waiting on arrival)

Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks at the progress & what I find while I’m at High Point market.  I’ll be back next Thursday with more updates on my sweet girl’s room.

Happy designing!

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Fall 2016 One Room Challenge: Week 2

Our design plan is starting to take shape & my little princess couldn’t be more excited! Let’s go over a few details going into her room.

1) Two of these pendants will hang over her nightstands on either side of her bed.

2) Brookie asked for a canopy bed so I’ve customized this bed from IBB Design in a hot pink chevron cut. The posts will all be black and the canopy will be a deep pewter.

3) This super cute Kate Spade club chair will sit by her chest of drawers & we’ll accent it with a fun bow pillow design like we did in my daughter Jaylie’s Kate Spade room.

4) The wallpaper that inspired the design! As you saw from my first post, her bathroom is covered in this adorable wallpaper. I’m having one of our artists paint large scaled butterflies strategically placed to look as if they’re flying around the bedroom.

5) This will be her chest of drawers & will be done in aqua with black tassels.

6) We carry Michael Aram at our store & I was so excited to find these butterfly knobs to use on her bathroom cabinetry.

7) I’m doing Kate Spade chair as her vanity chair but in a bright aqua.

Alrighty! So now you know a few more details, so let’s discuss what happened this week.

As you might have noticed from the renderings of her room design, my game plan included painting all of her crown, base, doors & trim hot pink.

After sampling several pinks, we loved this fun bright pink. It’s name is very fitting!


My handsome hubby installed all of her bathroom accessories & cabinet hardware. You may notice that I left the trim around the shutters & the shutters white. Why, you ask?

1) There is a lot going on with the wallpaper so the white gives your eye a place to rest.

2) Never paint your shutters a bold color that will be seen from the exterior of your home. Hot pink most certainly does not jive with the exterior elevation ?


See how happy my little munchkin is! She is loving her new big girl bed!

There’s a lot more to do! Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks along the way & check back in again next Thursday for more updates.

Happy Designing!

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Fall 2016 One Room Challenge: Week One

It’s that time of year again!  I’m very excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge for the third time.  If you’re joining our blog for the first time, you can check out my older daughter Jaylie’s Kate Spade inspired bedroom here & our laundry room makeover here.  If you follow me on instagram, then you may have seen that we sold our home in January (fully furnished) to a wonderful family relocating to our area & moved into a new home & onto a new project.  We did a pretty expansive remodel taking on the task of updating the 16 year old home.  I fell in love with the architecture, trim work & overall bones of the home but much of the home was very dark.  Unfortunately the previous owners of the home had made a few unfortunate design decisions and those also needed to be addressed.  Seeing as we’re pretty much starting from scratch with furnishings & a blank slate for each room, it looks like I’ll have content for many many more One Room Challenges!

I decided to tackle the bedroom & bathroom of our 5 year old daughter, Brooklyn, for this challenge.  Her room in our previous home was a bunk room.
Our new home has a separate bunk room, so Brookie will be getting a new queen size bed – which she is very excited about & has a very clear vision for what she wants ?.

Here is what her room looked like the day we bought the house.

After experiencing some water damage, the previous owners had replaced all of the upstairs flooring with the faux wood seen here.

As part of the remodel, we installed new hardwood flooring.

Brookie’s bathroom received a major overhaul.  Here are a few before photos

Here are a few photos in progress during her bathroom remodel.

She wanted butterflies in her room & she loved this wallpaper I found so we decided to use this as the jumping off point for her bathroom & bedroom ?. She is a pink girl at heart but really loves Aqua too so we sampled both colors to select which one we would use on her bathroom vanity.

With the wallpaper being so colorful & busy, I wanted the floors to remain more neutral & classic.  I chose white 12×24 tile & installed it on a staggered brick joint on the floor & a smaller size in the shower.

My girly girl literally would be totally fine with everything being pink!  When I found this hot pink 1×1 mosaic, I had to work it in somehow.  A picture frame centered on the shower wall was the perfect way to add a splash of my sweet girl’s personality without going overboard.

Here’s what her bathroom looks like today.

And a few photos of how her room looks today.


The Barbie mirror had a few casualties during our movie.  Clearly I need to add fixing that to my “to-do” list.

This is what it’s actually supposed to look like.

And here’s a sneak peek into our game plan:

As you can see, we have a lot to accomplish in just 6 short weeks!  I’ll be back next week with more details of our plan & progress.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for sneak peeks at Brooklyn’s room transformation & check back here every Thursday for updates!

Happy Designing!!!









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Week 6: The Big Reveal! Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

What a difference a week makes! A whole lot has happened at casa de Geyer.  We’ve officially moved into our new house & we couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re just joining in on the #oneroomchallenge, I decided to make over our laundry room & mud room.  Many people have asked why I chose these areas to focus on & the answer is really quite simple.  Since the people who bought our previous home bought almost all of our furniture, we’re basically starting from scratch in the new home.  With ORC being a 6 week challenge, I knew with my current client project work load that there was no way I had time to design furnishings & get them ordered & here within the timeframe.  I also knew that the mudroom & laundry rooms were spaces I could pull together in my “spare time” because I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.  I’ve tricked out areas like this for many clients and I’ve always wanted these rooms in our home to have a happy cheerful feeling.  Let’s face it, laundry is not my favorite activity in the world but I figured making our laundry room a space that I loved walking into might inspire me to tackle those chores.

So, let’s take a quick look at the before photos again.


And here’s what our laundry room & mud room look like today  *All after photos by Dan Piassick*


One of my biggest focuses during our makeover was not only to make a colorful laundry room & mud room but to get creative with the organization of all of the daily necessities for these rooms.

I used a blue lacquered tray to organize containers holding detergent pods & clothes pins.  We use these clothes pins to keep socks together in the washer.  They help cut down our mismatched socks & they’re safe in the wash.

I chose a yellow lacquered box to hide our dryer sheets.

The blue lacquered box hides essentials like tide pens, scissors, safety pins, a sewing kit & lint brush.



Each family member has their own storage baskets in the mud room including our dog Roxy.

And now for a few of my favorite design elements!

Lighting:  I’ve had my eye on the Taylor Burke “Don’t Fret” pendant chandelier for a while now.  I think it turned out perfect in the laundry room!

I selected these brass Barbara Cosgrove sconces to add additional lighting over the lockers & I love the way they look on top of the wallpaper!

I kept the window treatment fairly simple so that it would compliment the wallpaper & not compete with it.  I love the accent of yellow with the Greek key trim tape.


The hardware is still one of my favorite selections.  I love how it plays off of the wallpaper.


I used two acrylic & brass double robe hooks for each family member to hang their bags in the lockers.


I had monogrammed pillows made for each family member to designate their locker area.

I had a blast with the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge!  Since we’re starting from scratch in our new house, you can bet that I’ll be back for more One Room Challenge fun!

Happy designing everyone!


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Week 5: Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

Eek!!! There is officially one week left until the big reveal!  This week has really been a blur as I had two out of town client project installations.  I was really excited to come home & see some progress. (Although my husband is equally as excited and sent me frequent text updates while I was gone ) The transformation of our laundry room & mud room are really starting to take shape.

Drumroll please….

Ta-da!  The wallpaper I’ve been fantasizing about is finally up. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me!

I absolutely love the impact it makes as you walk down the hallway from our family room to the mudroom.

Here’s a little reminder of what it looked like before

It’s amazing what some fresh white paint & a gorgeous large scale patterned wallpaper can do!  We went from dark & dreary to light, bright & fab!

I’m loving all of the details in the mud room.   I’m really looking forward to having a nice organized space for everyone right by the garage door.  Our mornings are usually chaotic so I’m counting on this area to help ease some stress by helping keep everyone prepared & ready for their day.  A mom can dream, right?

The sconces help bring in some much needed additional light in this area.  My handsome hubby has been very hands on with our remodel.  I’m so proud of all of the hard work he has put in.  It’s been so fun spending time putting in sweat equity when we can.  We make a great team!  It usually goes somethings like this – I come up with a wild idea & before I even finish my thought, he’s figuring out how to make it happen. Our contractor really gets a kick out of it!

I’ve had my eye on Taylor Burke Home’s “Don’t fret” pendant for a while now.  When I saw Julianne at High Point market, I told her I had to have it for this project.  She just happened to have this white one in stock & she moved mountains to get it to me in record time.  We debated on whether I should do a fun POC (pop of color) but in the end, I went with the crisp white & I think once my window treatment goes up & my other accents are in that you’ll agree. The chandelier went up yesterday & I absolutely love it! Thank you girlie!

All of the fun details are up next!  Window treatments, cushions & pillows for the mud room, artwork & organization/storage accents.

The big reveal is next week, but make sure you’re following me on Instagram for sneak peeks & other updates!


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Week 4: Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

So this is the week when it feels like there is so much left to be done but nothing.  seems to be happening.  I’m not sweating the small stuff, but so much still needs to happen before the big reveal.  Let’s just keep praying that everything arrives & gets installed on time!

The hardware was installed on the cabinetry & doors and I’m totally loving it!

The sink & faucet are in & I’m very excited about having this large sink area in our laundry room. The faucet has a pull down spout for easy cleaning.

Our gorgeous sconces for our mud room arrived & we’ve decided on the best way to hang them. 
Our wallpaper is here & it’s absolutely amazing! I’m hoping it will go up this weekend! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for more sneak peeks!

Hopefully next week I’ll be sharing some amazing progress!



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Week 3: Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

I’ve been away at market for a week & it was fun to come home & see progress being made & even a little surprise from my hubby.  The cabinets and ceiling have all been painted.  I’m really loving all of the fresh “Shay White”!  It feels so cheerful.

The quartz countertops were installed before I left but they have been covered up.  I just love how they look.  This man made material will be the perfect durable countertop for a room that will get a ton of use!  My hubby remarked at the blue washer & dryer in a few of my inspiration photos & asked if they were on my wish list.  I’m pretty sure my starry eyed “you know it” reply worked some magic on him because I came home to these beauties!  Our new home has an upstairs laundry room as well so he searched & searched until he found an amazing deal so we could put our current washer & dryer in the upstairs laundry room.  He is the king of negotiating and I was very happily surprised by his thoughtful gesture. Thank you honey!

I opted for a larger more modern sink for the laundry room since we use it frequently.  The faucet has arrived & should be getting installed early next week.

Previous sink:


New Sink:

My hardware samples arrived & I’ve decided to go with this design.

Here’s a sneak peek at the overall scheme.  I love how the hardware plays off of the wallpaper.  The room will be mostly blue & white but I have some fun pops of color planned.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for the details.


I’ve had my eye on the “Don’t Fret” chandelier from Taylor Burke Home for quite some time.  I’ve decided to use it in our laundry room so I’ll get to enjoy it every day.


I fell in love with these ceramic sculpted flowers at market.  I plan on using them somewhere in this space for wall decor.  I think they’ll be a fun accent on the wallpaper.

That’s all for this week’s updates & progress.  Make sure you’re following me on instagram for daily design inspiration, sneak peeks, design tips & project eye candy.


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Week 2: Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

I’m continuing to fine tune the details for our laundry room & mud room but my game plan is still far from solid.  Things are very busy at IBB Design with client projects & I’m headed to market in High Point North Carolina today so I’m literally planning this makeover in my sleep at this point.

Here are a few more inspiration photos that depict the look & feel I’m after. 

I’m really digging the idea of a striped rug in the laundry room.  I think it will work great with the wallpaper, so I’m on the hunt for the perfect indoor/outdoor striped blue rug. Speaking of wallpaper, say a prayer that Quadrille can meet my installation deadline.  It’s all hand printed & seeing that we’re on a very tight timeline, it’s going to be cutting it very close to get it installed prior to the big reveal.  I’ll hopefully have confirmation of a delivery date in the next few days.  If they can’t meet my timeline, I may have to consider re-selecting.  I love it so much & it was really my jumping off point so I’m crossing my fingers that it all works out!

I love, love, love the idea of throwing in a pop of yellow so I’m thinking of using one of these trim tapes as a detail on the window treatment above our washer & dryer.

*laundry room in the home of Christine Dovey*

A blue washer & dryer will take center stage underneath our white quartz countertops.

Updates on laundry room progress:
The photos are a bit dark.  The power is currently off in these areas since they are working on re-doing a lot of the electrical.

New LED can lights were installed & a Jbox for a chandelier (which I still need to select).  The ceilings are tall in here so I’m looking for a fun pendant or semi-flush mount.

The cabinetry has all been painted in “Shay White” & the quartz countertops have been installed.

I ordered samples of both of the knobs below to consider for the cabinet hardware.

The mud room needs a bit more planning.  I know I want to use these sconces to hang over the tops of the locker cabinets.

I love the cheerfulness & color in this mud room.  In my mud room, the cabinetry will be white & the wallpaper  will continue into here so I will pull accent color in thru the pillows & cushions on the benches in the lockers.

Mud Room progress update:

The cabinets have been painted & the walls are being prepped for wallpaper. 

It’s starting to come together but there are many details left to finalize.  I’m looking forward to being inspired this week while I’m attending the High Point Home Furnishings market.  Make sure you’re following me on instagram to get more sneak peeks.

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Week One: Spring 2016 One Room Challenge

Here we go again!  Clearly I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m diving into this challenge again during one of our busiest times of the year.  We’re designing & installing 3 out of town projects in the next 2 months & we’re juggling several new build jobs and remodels.  Thankfully all of my clients are amazing & instead of being stressed because we’re so busy, we’re having a blast with the diversity of designs we’re working on & seeing them come to life.

You might remember the makeover I did on my daughter’s bedroom during the Fall One Room Challenge.  Well, we’ve sold that house & have bought a new fixer upper & we’re starting all over again.  I’m sure your thinking I’ve lost my mind.  The truth is that the market in Dallas right now is so hot, that we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sell our house.  So, a wonderful new family is moving in.  Their twin daughters will be sharing the Kate Spade inspired bedroom.  We loved the design so much though that we’ll be duplicating it in the bunk room in our new home.

Our new home has an ideal floor plan for our family & great bones but since it’s 16 years old, it’s time to update the finish out & design.  For this challenge, I’m going to work on our laundry room & mud room areas.  Here’s a few photos showing the before of our laundry room.

  The house is very dark so I’ll be giving it a face lift & painting all of the dark wood trim, cabinetry & shutters in a fresh white paint that my painter has nicknamed “Shay White”.  It’s a formula we came up with after several of my “go-to” whites either went too white or too blue in our new home.

Here’s a before shot of the mud room area.  The can lights were all out in this area so my photos all turned out dark & unfortunately this is the only one that you can even make out what’s pictured.  I promise to have better progress photos!

Honestly, my game plan right now is not complete.  I’ve fallen in love with this wallpaper, so this will be my jumping off point.  I’ll be using pure white quartz countertops since we’ll most definitely need a scratch & stain resistant surface in this room.

I’m pretty sure I’ll carry the wallpaper into the mud room.  We have built in cabinetry in there with 4 locker areas.  One section will be for my 2 daughters to put their backpacks & dance bags.  My husband & I will use the other section of lockers.  The palette will be blue & white with pops of other accent colors.  I’ll have cushions made for the benches, monogrammed pillows & baskets to designate each person’s locker & some fabulous hardware for the cabinetry & locker hooks.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the laundry rooms that I find inspiring.

I’ll be traveling to High Point for the home furnishings & accessories market next week so I hope to get more inspiration & solidify my game plan.

I’ll be back next week with more design details & progress photos.  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for daily design inspiration & sneak peeks.

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  We have several family traditions during the holidays.  I’m planning our menu & tablescapes today so I was looking back thru old photos & thought I’d share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas season.

This was last year’s tablescape.  I love to mix & match my china & crystal. The water glasses were my maternal grandmother’s. My girls both really get into helping decorate & set the table.  Last year we even got a little festive with our ice cream & turned them into snowmen.  My daughter Jaylie is in charge of the kids’ table.  Every year we come up with a fun design out of paper plates.  Last year we decided on a reindeer theme.      

 The year before we did a snowman theme.  On Christmas Eve, we go to candlelight services at our church & then come home & have lots of appetizers as we open up Christmas presents.  I found this Christmas tree cheese tray idea on Pinterest a few years ago & we do it every year.  Just add sprigs of Rosemary between each kind of cubed cheese. The topper is Boursin cheese with cranberries on top in the shape of a star. After we eat & open gifts, we bake a birthday cake for Jesus :-). This is my favorite tradition with my girls!   

On Christmas morning, I make themed pancakes for everyone.  Last year we did Rudolph pancakes. 
Thank you for letting me share some of my favorite Christmad traditions!  I can’t wait for the week ahead!  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas week & cheers to slowing down & enjoying time with your family!




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One Room Challenge: The Big Reveal!

Well, the past six weeks have certainly flown by.  My daughter and I have had a blast working on her new room together for the One Room Challenge.  There are many challenges of creating & executing a custom design for a room in just six short weeks.  Lucky for me, I have access to a multitude of resources at IBB.  Even with the best resources, you can still face backorders, items no longer being available & construction delays.  I knew my longest lead time would be the custom daybed from CR Laine (more on that later).  The biggest part of this challenge for me was definitely the balancing act of client work and working on a project in my own home.  This is always a dilemma and the reason that projects at Casa de Geyer usually go to the bottom of the list.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without my amazing contractor, Lonnie Gray, of Lonnie Gray Custom Homes.  I have worked with Lonnie on several client projects and he also worked with us on my mom’s remodel.  Early morning & late night meetings worked out perfectly and he was on top of every detail of my design.  It truly takes a village and he has the most amazing team of craftsman.

I know you’re ready for me to get to the point & start revealing some photos, so let’s get to it!  First of all, I’ve been dying to show you the renderings that I had my friend Jane Gianarelli do for the concept of Jaylie’s room design.



After a few emails & phone calls discussing all of the pieces, design elements & the floor plan, Jane sent over the beautiful renderings for my design for Jaylie’s room.  Rendering is definitely not a strength I possess, so it certainly pays to have talented friends like Jane!

And here is Jaylie’s actual room 🙂  I ended up adding the large scaled polka dots to the four walls in the room at the last minute & I think they really kicked the room up a notch.  James Peck did an awesome job with all of the decorative painting in the room!  Check it out!  Do you notice the fabulous day bed? 🙂  Woohoo!  My friends at CR Laine really came thru for us & got it to us just in time for the big reveal!  We created a gallery wall above the daybed using various prints my daughter selected from Etsy. I had them framed locally along with Kate Spade & Tory Burch shopping bags.


I designed the window treatments to look like boutique store awnings.  We used the black & white polka dot on the inside since it’s visible from many angles in the room.

I had our workroom make a pink euro with grosgrain ribbon, a polka dot sham & a patterned bow shaped pillow for the bedding on the loft bed on top of her closet.  So very Kate Spade, right? 😉


The closet under the loft bed gave her twice the amount of storage that her old closet in her bathroom had!  I think the dressing room style door turned out so cute & will hopefully inspire her to keep this closet neat & tidy 🙂


Inside her closet, she has 2 sections to hang clothes.  One section was divided in half for shirts on the top & jeans & pants on the bottom.  The other section (which you can’t see in this photo) has an area for long hanging and an area for skirts and shorts.  All of the closet rods & shelves are adjustable so we can change them in the future as her storage needs change.  I used peg board across the entire back wall for her to use to hang accessories.


The bathroom remodel is everything we had envisioned & more!  We took out her tub to give her a large walk in shower enclosed in frameless glass with brass fittings.  The exclamation mirror is one of my favorite design elements in the bathroom 🙂


Since we added the closet under the loft bed in her room, we turned her original closet into storage for her shoes and drawers for pajamas and tshirts.  I had our decorative painter paint the bow pattern in here and I added the black inset on the cabinetry.  It really makes the brass hardware stand out.

We used her “JG” letters from her old bedroom above a cork board in her desk area.  Since the polka dot Kate Spade desk and bow desk chair were new introductions, it won’t be shipping for a while so we borrowed this desk from another room for the time being.  She had the acrylic desk chair in her previous room as well.  They both actually work perfectly too!



The bonus room at the top of the stairs in her bedroom was turned into a vanity area with more cabinetry for storage for all of her dance and cheer clothes.  I mirrored the cabinetry doors and the back wall to help visually enlarge the space.


I hope you all have enjoyed the Big Reveal of Jaylie’s new Kate Spade inspired bedroom.  She is super excited about how it all came together & all of her new storage.  A HUGE thank you to my friend Dan Piassick for photographing the room & getting these amazing photos to me so quickly!  Thank you all for following along on our journey of the six week One Room Challenge and allowing us to share this project with you.

Check out what the other participants have to share with their reveals!


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One Room Challenge: Week 5 Update

Now we’re starting to see some major progress!  My daughter’s room is really beginning to come together.  We’re in the home stretch with just one week left now.

All of the lighting was installed this week.  Our favorite fixture by far is the acrylic and brass sputnik chandelier that will hang over her day bed.


This is a view from her top bunk looking down.  The polka dots on the four walls of her room were a last minute add on.  I kept thinking the walls needed something & decided the polka dots were the perfect way to go.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with how the large scaled pattern really takes the room’s design to the next level.


The sconces on the top bunk were also installed this week.  They will be perfect for when she’s reading at night before she goes to bed.

The switch to turn the sconces on & off is right by the head of her bunk.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the plugs we used have two electrical outlets and two USB outlets.  I specify these outlets in all of my remodeling projects.  They are so convenient and allow you to plug in electrical items and still have room to charge your phone or other devices.

This view of the room shows more of the painting that was finished this week.  The cased openings & doors were painted in Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black with white trim on the doors.


The frameless glass shower was also installed this week.  The brass fittings are the perfect compliment to the brass lighting & hardware in the room.  I’m dying for the gorgeous Newport Brass plumbing to get installed.  It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  We’re really down to the wire!

I love how all of the painting turned out in her bathroom.  The black detailing on the cabinets is one of my favorite design elements.


I picked up the bow motif in her shoe & accessory closet & had this pattern painted on the wall.  I had the back of the shoe racks mirrored to open up the space.  This was her originally tiny closet inside her bathroom.  By taking off the door & adding the built ins for shoes, drawers for clothing & adjustable shelves for toiletries & towels,  we’ve given her much more functional storage for her room.


James Peck from Kidz Digz does work on so many of our projects.  In fact IBB has worked with he and his wife for over 20 years on various murals, custom finishes & paint treatments and specialty finishes for cabinetry.


He’s always up for whatever challenge I throw his way.  The stripes I had him do in Jaylie’s vanity/dressing area turned out so fabulous!  He just loves it when I use the word stripes and ceilings in the same sentence 😉


The cabinetry hardware was installed today.  I bought all of our hardware and plumbing from Nob Hill.  My girl Jannette over there is a rock star!  I use her for all of my client work.  I must say that she really came thru for me this time.  The original hardware I selected was backordered until December.  She exhausted every resource & found these beauties.  I actually love it even more than our original!


Here’s a look at the dressing room door to the closet under her bunk.  All of her hanging clothes will go in here.  We’ll use the surrounding bookcase for her dance and school awards, her many books  (she LOVES to read!) and mementos she has collected so far in life.  We’ll also incorporate some accessories that she has selected to tie in her color palette and Kate Spade theme.


Paint touch ups and the final clean will happen tomorrow.  I’m installing her furniture, hanging art & mirrors this weekend.  Guess what?!  Remember how I was worried that her day bed wouldn’t make it on time?  Well, IT’S HERE!  YIPPEE!!!!  CR Laine REALLY came thru & it so adorable!  I’m really looking forward to showing it to you in the big reveal next week!  I’m praying the plumbing goes in Friday or Saturday.

For sneak peeks and more design eye candy, make sure you’re following me on instagram.  Make sure you check out everyone else’s progress in the One Room Challenge here as well.


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One Room Challenge: Week 4 update

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another weekly update on my One Room Challenge.

Well, this is about the time that I start getting super giddy during a project. All of my visions are beginning to come to life and we’re so close to completion! It’s all of those little details that start adding up. My daughter couldn’t be more excited that her new room is almost completed!

Right now they’re working on painting her bedroom & bathroom. The bow safety rail for the bunk bed I designed has been installed & I’m so excited with how it turned out. I think it fits our Kate Spade inspiration perfectly 🙂



The bunk & stairs are being painted in high gloss paint in Benjamin Moore’s Blue Seafoam which is a soft aqua. The sliding door to her bathroom will be in Benjamin Moore Jet Black & the trim will be in Decorator’s White. The walls will be in Decorator’s White & all of the casings will be in Jet Black. The dressing room style door to her closet underneath the bunk will also be Jet Black with Decorator’s White trim.


The good news is I found a replacement for the back ordered flush mount chandelier that I was using for her vanity area & bathroom. This was the original.


And this is the replacement. They are already here & will be getting installed early next week 🙂


More good news! In fact, this is really awesome news! I was really worried that the day bed I ordered from CR Laine wasn’t going to make it here on time, but I received word that it is shipping tomorrow & should be at IBB early next week! I need to give my friends at CR Laine a HUGE shout out! They really came thru for me on this & we are so excited to get Jaylie’s day bed installed next week! They’re always a go to source for upholstery in my projects and I know that I can count on them for amazing style, comfort, quality & customer service.


Now for the bad news 🙁 There is a high probability that the plumbing for her bathroom won’t be here in time. Apparently they need every bit of the 6 weeks to make everything. My plumbing rep is doing everything she can to get it here in time but as of now it’s not looking too good. I guess this is the price you pay to get the perfect satin brass finish. Let’s all say a little prayer that the stars align & I’ll be showing off that gorgeous brass plumbing as part of the big reveal!

I also found out today that the hardware I selected for all of her cabinetry is backordered until December 🙁 I am currently scouring all of my sources to find a replacement. Wish me luck!

You can check out what’s happening in all of the other One Room Challenges here. Make sure you’re following me on instagram for more sneak peeks & updates on our ORC progress. Also, did you get a chance to vote for my client’s nursery? I’d be so grateful if you had a minute to spare to vote for the “Colorful Twin Gender Neutral Nursery” for Project Nursery’s October Room of the Month.

If you live in the Dallas area, Partners Card starts THIS Friday! Over 800 retailers are participating in this year’s charitable event for The Family Place & IBB is one of them! Save 20% off of the IBB price on all in stock furniture & accessories 🙂


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Room of the Month Finalist

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re very excited to announce that the nursery I designed for the Latham twins has been selected as a finalist for Project Nursery’s October Room of the Month 🙂


We are currently in 2nd place & we would love to have your help to secure the win!  Just click here & select the “Colorful Twin Gender Neutral Nursery”.  It just so happens that today is my client Kristen’s birthday, so what better gift to give her than pulling into the lead?




You can read more about this nursery design in our Fall issue of IBB at Home.  Pick up a copy at IBB today or click here to sign up for your free subscription.

Thank you so much for your support & voting for one of my favorite nursery projects

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One Room Challenge: Week 3 update

We’re starting week 3 which marks the half-way point for the One Room Challenge.  I honestly can’t wait for it to all be done.  This is the point where all of the little details start taking place & even though we’re making progress, those huge significant changes aren’t happening.  All of those little details are so important though so I have to keep reminding myself to take a breath & try not to rush things.  I keep telling my contractor that I love parties so I want to see a huge crowd here every morning ready to go!  We’re on a 6 week deadline folks plus I’m trying to manage this in my “spare” time before and after work on my client’s projects and running IBB 😉  I’m definitely my own worst client.

If you’re following me on instagram, then you know that I pulled the trigger during High Point market on this super cute new desk from Kate Spade for Jaylie’s room.  I’m so excited that we’ll be carrying the new collection at IBB.  Unfortunately since it’s a brand new introduction, it will not be here in time for the big reveal 🙁  But don’t worry!  I’ll definitely be posting updates when it arrives!


I also purchased this adorable bow chair to use as her desk chair but I’m having it upholstered in an aqua fabric.


We’re using inspiration from a few of the Kate Spade stores we’ve been in across the country for some of her room’s design elements.  She’s been a big fan of the brand and wanted her room to look like this for quite some time so I’ve been snapping & collecting photos over the past few years.


We’ll be using this chandelier over the day bed.



And a pair of these sconces in her bathroom & up by her bunk bed.


I had ordered 2 of these flush mount chandeliers but I just received notice that they are back ordered until January 🙁  Yep, that’s right.  Designers are not immune to the words backordered or discontinued.  In fact, if I had a dollar for every time that I’ve heard those words…  I’m trying to decide if I should just wait or if I just need to go ahead and re-select.  The problem is we love this fixture so much that nothing strikes our fancy quite the same way.  This 6 week time frame keeps getting more & more challenging!  I need to take my own advice though.  If you really love something, it’s worth the wait.  I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do.


The painters started prepping yesterday & will hopefully start painting either today or tomorrow.  I’m having some fun in here playing up all of the trim work we’ve added throughout the room.  I can’t wait to show you all!  We’ll be using Benjamin Moore Jet Black, Blue Seafoam & Decorator’s White.


I think the colors fit pretty perfectly with the inspiration image she told me to base her room off of & all of the fabrics we’ve selected.

The safety railing hasn’t gone it yet.  I’m really hoping that it gets installed today.  I decided to enlarge the scale a bit on the pattern I designed so they had to do some tweaking.  I’m really happy with how all of the trim & paneling has turned out.  I’ll be doing a gallery wall of prints that my daughter selected over her day bed on this wall.


The countertops went in yesterday in her vanity area & bathroom.


I decided to do a sliding door for her bathroom to give her more space inside.  We did this in the bunk room and it really does give you so much more room to not have the door swinging into the space.


That’s it for today’s updates.  I’ll be back next week with more but until then you can always find sneak peeks of what’s going on in my design world here.  And don’t forget to check out the progress of the other One Room Challenge participants here.

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One Room Challenge: Week 2 Update

Last week I revealed that the inspiration for the design scheme and color palette for my One Room Challenge was inspired by Kate Spade.  Let’s talk about function today.  My daughter’s room has many cool features to it but storage is definitely not one of them.  The older she gets, the more storage she needs and there is no better time than now to do something about it.  Her bathroom features a tiny closet that was never really laid out well.  She has an additional small closet in her room but every time I tried to lay out closet rods, we ended up with a ton of wasted space.  I decided to think outside the box to design a concept for her room that would amplify the storage and function better for her tween to teen years.  I found the concept photo below on Pinterest and it was almost exactly the idea of what I had in my head.  Her 15 foot ceilings could easily allow us to do something like this.

So, we came up with the idea of a bunk bed on top of a closet.  We built a bunk room in one of our bedrooms downstairs last year & both of my daughters have really enjoyed using it.  They started installing the bunk/closet on Tuesday & will hopefully have the construction portion of it done tomorrow.  I’ve designed a safety rail to go around the bunk that gives a little nod to our Kate Spade inspiration.  I’m looking forward to seeing it go up.  It’s a huge mess in there right now but our concept is starting to take shape.


On the wall where the JG letters are sitting in this photo, will be a daybed.  This will give her a place to sleep on the nights that she doesn’t want to sleep in the bunk bed as well as a place to read or hang out.  I selected the Sheridan daybed from my friend Tobi Fairley’s collection for CR Laine.


I used COM Sunbrella fabrics as I know that this will get a ton of use & I wanted it to be as durable as possible.  CR Laine is one of my favorite upholstery lines that we carry at IBB.  The comfort is always on point and they offer a wide variety of designer pieces.  I selected a black & white stripe that will run vertically and an aqua contrast welt to highlight the super cute frame.  The acrylic legs will work nicely with other acrylic accents that will be in her room.  A custom piece like this typically takes 6-8 weeks so it will be a long shot since I ordered it at the beginning of this challenge.   I’m crossing my fingers that the stars align & my friends at CR Laine can make it happen for it to be here in time for the reveal.  It’s a tough request since this just happens to be one of the busiest times of the year and there’s this little thing happening in North Carolina right now called market 😉  In an upcoming post, I’ll feature some of the prints Jaylie has selected to hang as a gallery wall above the daybed.

We’re going to do the door to her closet like a dressing room door similar to what is shown here from a Lily Pulitzer dressing room.


This photo was taken prior to the stairs going in & the top of the closet bunk area.  As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make use of every inch of space & amplify her storage so I designed adjustable shelving that will frame the closet door where she can put her books and dance awards and trophies.  She loves to read so this will be very helpful storage for my little book worm!


Her desk will sit on the wall where you see the lighted JG letters hanging.  I have designed some fun treatments that will hang on the large arched window as well as the entrance to her vanity area which is just up the stairs you see in the left of the photo.


I’ve selected the desk below but we might be changing this.  You see, I was privy to a little sneak peek of Kate Spade’s new furniture collection for EJ Victor last week & just went totally bananas over it!  We’ll be carrying it at IBB.  The collection is being introduced this week at High Point market, so make sure you are following me & IBB on instagram for sneak peeks.  I’m definitely using a desk chair from the new collection & I’m thinking that a desk I saw is just too perfect for her room and fits the concept and my daughter’s style to a T.  We’ve been sworn to secrecy up until now & I can’t wait to share them with you!  Of course if I decide to go with these options, they will not be here in time for the big reveal so you will have to keep checking in for updates 😉


We turned the small closet located up the little stairs in her room into a dressing/vanity area.  I found the photo below on Pinterest to use for inspiration for that area of her room.


They started putting the cabinets in today and will hopefully finish tomorrow.  They are also in the process of installing her bathroom vanity as well as the built in cabinetry for the closet that is in her bathroom.


I found this Hollywood vanity light mirror to hang above the knee space in her vanity area.  It has plugs built in where she can use her hair dryer & curling iron & the lights can be dimmed.


I have so much more to share with you but I need to run for now.  I’m wrapping up client work for the week today since we are photographing one of our recent penthouse projects this Friday & I’ll be out of the office all day.  Make sure you’re following me & IBB on instagram for sneak peeks.  Part of our IBB design team leaves tomorrow for market, but I’ll be leaving this weekend after I take my girls to see Taylor Swift  🙂

Thank you for letting me share our progress!  We’re having a blast seeing it all come together!  Make sure you check out all of the other participants and their progress here.

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One Room Challenge Week 2: Bathroom update

We’re making progress! Jaylie’s new bathroom tile is all in & we’re so excited about how it turned out!

I used an aqua penny round from tilebar to cover her entire vanity wall & carried it into the shower in horizontal stripes.  The stripes play a big part in her Kate Spade inspired bedroom & bathroom.  The floor & shower are 4×12 carerra marble. I used a staggered brick joint in the shower & a herringbone on the floor.

We decided to take her tub out & give her a frameless glass shower with a bench.  To give her more space in her bathroom, we’re also taking off the original bathroom door & replacing it with a sliding door.  We’ve already taken out the closet door & we’ll be using the two photos below as inspiration for cabinets & organization for this closet inside of her bathroom.  This area will have a cased opening with a center cabinet tower with drawers at the bottom & adjustable shelving on either side.


I’ll be back on Thursday with more of our design  plan for her Kate Spade inspired bedroom.  For daily inspiration & more progress photos follow me on Instagram.

Happy #tileTuesday!

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One Room Challenge Week One


Hey everyone!  It’s been a minute 😉  Things have been crazy busy around IBB & we haven’t been blogging as frequently as we should.  That’s all about to change though because I’ve decided to join in all of the fun of Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge!  I have followed the past challenges on social media & always thought to myself that it would be fun to be a part of the six week makeover challenge.  As an interior designer, projects in my own home usually head toward the bottom of the priority list as my time is devoted to my clients.

After living in our home for five years now, it’s time to freshen up a few more areas.  We remodeled a few rooms & most of the flooring when we first bought our home but budget and time constraints kept me from going all out.  I knew this was a home we would raise our two girls in so I wanted to take risks in the designs and make sure everything was carefully thought out.  I’ve allowed myself to take my time to create spaces that I enjoyed coming home to & made me never want to leave.  Plus, it’s only fair to give my sweet hubby a little breather between projects 😉

For the One Room Challenge, I’m diving in to makeover my 10 year old daughter’s bathroom & bedroom.

Jaylie room before

Her current bedroom is cute, don’t get me wrong.  I designed the scheme in our old house when she was 4 years old & carried it over when we moved into our new house.  She’ll be 11 in December and she has her own style now & we both agree it’s time to create a space that is uniquely her.  The room also just doesn’t function well for her.  There is little to no storage & her closet is tiny.  After our air conditioner leaked thru her bathroom ceiling, we knew we could no longer procrastinate her bathroom remodel.  The One Room Challenge was really the push I needed to “get er done” & move forward with executing our entire plan.  The more I thought about the space & how it would function for her for years to come, the more I brainstormed out-of-the-box ideas to give her more storage and better function.  I’ve got big plans & grand ideas & we couldn’t be more excited!  The demo has begun & there’s no turning back now so stay tuned for progress updates over the next 6 weeks & the big reveal on Thursday, November 12th.

I’ll be back next week to discuss the design plan & progress updates.  For now, I’ll leave you with one small glimpse of our inspiration for her room…

If weekly updates just aren’t enough, then follow me on instagram for daily design inspiration & sneak peeks.  Follow along here to see more of the participants in the One Room Challenge.

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Family Photos as Artwork

Happy Tuesday everyone! Things are moving right along with the progress of moving my mom into her new home. You may have had a chance to see a few sneak peeks here. I wanted to share a fun tip with you that I used for my girls’ room at her house.
Their bedroom color palette is hot pink, navy & white. For my mom’s Christmas gift this year, I had photos done of the girls in coordinating outfits and framed them in acrylic with Shutterfly. I love how the frames appear to just float on the wall. Both of my girls love to dance so the tutus were a natural choice for this fun photo shoot with James Edward. I chose to have them shot on a solid white background so the photos would really pop against the walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Symphony Blue. It’s somewhere between a navy & a cobalt blue & it’s the perfect blue for this scheme.

With a little planning & coordinating, you too can turn your family photos into artwork for your home. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks! The draperies are going in this Thursday! Follow the fun on instagram @designershay & @ibbdesign.

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Designer Life Inspiration

IMG_1834.PNGI find inspiration for my designs in all facets of life. Travel, art, friends, family, fabrics you name it. As we’re just now seven days into the New Year, I’m finding different areas of my life colliding when it comes to inspiration. I thrive on inspiration to try to live a better life. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is my go-to daily devotional for my spiritual inspiration. I pour thru Pinterest & instagram posts for healthy recipes and fitness inspiration but I also use it a lot for design inspiration & to share my work with others.



Well, this week I discovered an amazing woman via instagram. It was really an ah-ha moment for me. You see, when my dad was diagnosed with cancer (stage 3C Melanoma) in January of 2013, my whole family vowed to live a healthier life. We made changes but admittedly we never stuck to them for the long haul. The stress of my dad’s illness compiled with regular aspects of life were a lot to handle. Quite frankly, it just felt easier to eat out & cling to the excuse of being too tired or too busy to stick to our workout routine. We lived life in the moment just taking each day at a time cherishing it when he wasn’t in the hospital or getting treatment. After my dad passed in April of 2014, things were still busy. Actually busier. Since then I’ve felt the stress. I haven’t been feeling good & I am just not feeling healthy. I need to make some big changes to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Over the break, I was inspired some of the goals I saw my 10 year old daughter Jaylie setting for herself in order to be a better dancer. We searched instagram together to hunt for healthy recipes and tips. I decided to focus on showing her how to be healthy rather than saying “I want to lose weight” or having any body image related discussion. I’m certainly no expert in this area so I thought it would be fun for us to take on this journey of learning how to be healthy together.

We’ve discovered so many inspiring people out there! Jaylie loves @kinoyoga & has accepted the #bestrongin2015 yoga challenge. I love that! Be strong! Huge shout out to my friend Deborah @madewithom for inspiring her through yoga & introducing us to @kinoyoga.

For me, it really all clicked when I stumbled upon Amber Locke (@rawveganblonde), vegan chef, blogger & artist. She combines 2 of my passions – design & food – into gorgeous works of art. Talk about someone I can identify with. Amber creates intricate patterns using real fruits & vegetables & then photographs them from above. Her work has been commissioned into fashion accessories, wallpaper, magazine & book illustrations & fabrics. Tory Burch, one of my favorite style icons, is a huge fan of hers! She even offers some of her work as giclee prints in her online store
Soak in some of her inspiring art & you’ll see what I mean!
IMG_1837.PNGLocke says, “It’s a joy to use beautiful ingredients and my work aims to showcase their unique qualities, reflect the changing seasons of the year and also be a celebration of healthy living.”

I told you she was inspiring! Let’s celebrate life! No New Year’s resolutions for me. This year is a movement toward being strong. Strong in my faith in God. Strong in the love for my husband, two daughters, my mom, my friends & our staff @ibbdesign. Strong with my choices to eat healthy. Strong with working out regularly. Strong in my commitment to my clients to deliver them design that works for how they live and to allow them to live beautifully. Strong in inspiring others.

I won’t be perfect. Sometimes I might “fall off the wagon”. But, that’s when I’ll look to my family, friends & all of you to help keep me STRONG.

So, here’s to designing your life the way you want to it! Tell me, what is it going to look like?

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5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year!

Refresh_FB2K15 is here! New Year! New Look! Let’s get ready 2 tackle the design projects throughout your home in #2015!

1. Update your space with a stunning lamp
2. Use a fabulous piece of artwork to kick your color palette up a notch
3. Get organized in style with decorative boxes
4. Accessorize your cocktail table with beautiful books.
5. Refresh your entryway with an interesting rug

Find these & other fabulous home accessories in stock at IBB Design Fine Furnishings!

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New Video: Stylish Family Friendly Design


Tips for a Stylish Family Friendly Design:

1)    Keep your larger pieces neutral to allow you flexibility to switch out your accent colors more easily in the future.

2)    Use an upholstered ottoman as a cocktail table.  This is great for family’s with little ones.  There are no sharp edges for them to get hurt on.  Leather is super durable & you won’t worry when your kids or hubby kick their feet up on it.

3)    Make it unique.  The lamp shades on these lamps can be painted any Benjamin Moore paint color.  It’s a great way to make a statement & bring color into your space.  Feel like changing your accent color in the future?  Just paint the shades to go with your new palette.

4) Play with pattern on your chairs, pillows & accessories.  Polka dots are the latest pattern trend.  We love this sophisticated version on the chairs we’ve used in this vignette.

Get inspired to start your family room makeover today!  Everything featured in our set on GMT on Friday is now in stock at IBB!

For your daily dose of design inspiration, follow us on instagram & facebook!

Miss the segment last Friday?  Click here to watch it.  For more design tv, tune in to Good Morning Texas every Friday morning on WFAA channel 8 from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM.

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Metrie = Architectural Swoon!

I’m very excited about my recent partnership with Metrie!  You see, I’ve got a few renovation projects on my brain and their gorgeous architectural elements have my heart racing!  I was turned on to the company founded in 1926 by a friend and I’ve kept them in my little black book ever since!  However, today you’re in luck because they’ve asked me to share my passion for their products with you all.


They offer an exquisite collection of interior finishes ranging from crown moulding & casing to newel posts & doors.  Their custom millwork is impeccable and they offer all of the designer details to transform your space into something truly remarkable.


You’ll want to start by taking their style quiz here to see which of their products fit your style best!  They were spot on with my result ~ Fashion Forward.  It’s actually the collection I’ve been pining over for my very own master bath & closet renovation.  Here’s what they have to say about it…

“We’ve taken classic designs and added a twist to each one. Simple, yet sophisticated. Classic, yet playful. You can make this collection speak to so many styles. Go with rich sienna brown stains and create a Bistro feel. Evoke a Retro look by finishing the elements with high-contrast primary tones. Each of the three scenes in this collection are transitional, melding traditional and modern – leaving enough room for next year’s hottest trend.”


Nailed it!  All of the design high notes in one collection & this one really sings to me!

Stay tuned for more with Metrie!  I’ve specified them to show up in some of my upcoming designs.

Want more inspiration from Metrie?  Mosey on over to their blog The Finished Space or follow them on twitter @OfficialMetrie

*all photos courtesy of Metrie

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Design with Meaning

I love it when the magic of design comes together for a client and brings out a deep connection between their life & their home. Today, I’m offering you a sneak peek inside a recent installation for one of my clients. It’s a gorgeous home. It’s been such a treat to work with this family. Her husband is a very talented custom builder & they both have impeccable taste. Our collaboration has brought forth some beautiful fresh results. Below are a few photos I snapped with my iPhone as we were installing some of their wallpapers & drapery treatments. The Designer’s Guild paper we chose for their catering kitchen captured my client’s heart & she couldn’t wait to get it installed. The blue hydrangeas in the bold & colorful floral pattern reminded her of her late mother & she knew she would enjoy spending time in there each day.

View from the catering kitchen looking into the laundry room. You see a small glimpse of the fun Martyn Lawrence Bullard paper we used in there. More on that in another post…
We used a simple gray linen fabric with a contrasting sky blue band on the Roman shade to compliment the bold wallpaper. 20140604-081005-29405635.jpg
View from the catering kitchen into the main kitchen.20140604-081005-29405356.jpg
The catering kitchen has a built in desk area so we created an upholstered cork backsplash & framed it with a simple nail head design.20140604-081005-29405907.jpg
We carried the pattern into the main kitchen in fabric on a relaxed Roman shade over the kitchen sink window.20140604-081006-29406182.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my project! There’s much more to do so stay tuned for more updates!

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Master Makeover

IBB designer, Shannon Gidney, recently transformed the master bedroom for some of her clients. Take a peek at what the room looked like before.
The room felt dated & needed a new fresh look!
Shannon selected great basics like the upholstered bed with tufting & nail heads in a neutral fabric & mirrored nightstands. A pop of orange was brought in with two patterned pillows & one solid on the bed. The bench at the end of the bed allows another opportunity for pattern & offers seating for the space. Fun mirrors and perfectly scaled lamps add the finishing touches to the design.
Thank you for the sneak peek Shannon! For more design inspiration & sneak peeks, follow us on instagram & like us on Facebook!

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New Video: Get Inspired for your Design Projects!

Yesterday on Good Morning Texas, I showed the viewers a few different ways to get inspired to jump start their design projects. The vignette I took to GMT involved these fabulous & oh-so-comfy zig-zag swivel chairs from CR Laine. Watch the segment here.
For more design inspiration, find us on social media!
Instagram: @ibbdesign

Keep up with what’s hot in the design world! This October I’ll be participating in the High Point Home Furnishings Style Spotter competition again. You can follow all of the pinning fun during the week of Oct 17th-24th. Find out more about Style Spotters here. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, get one today! It’s one of my favorite ways to get inspired!


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Wall Treatments: In or Out?

I’m often asked about how I feel about accent walls and wall treatments. Should people use them or not? Yes! I am a fan of accents & wall treatments. I actually have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to wall treatments. Of course, how they are applied and interpreted in a design is very important to the overall success of a room. Whether its paint, wallpaper or that you upholster your walls, wall treatments can be a beautiful way to take your room’s design to the next level. Here are a few ways we’ve used wall treatments in our designs.
Master Bedroom: Large scale pattern painted on the wall behind the bed to create a focal point.
Kid’s bedroom: We took the dot pattern we used on the bed skirt & bedding & blew up the scale to create a fun feature wall behind the bed.
Master bedroom: To create contrast behind the white upholstered bed, we painted the wall a deep gray. Then, we painted a fretwork outline to define the wall.
Kid’s room in progress: We upholstered the bed wall in a super cute embroidered “I love you” fabric in navy & white and painted the rest of the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Symphony Blue. I can’t wait to see the finished room!

Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, you should consider getting one! It’s a fabulous tool to use for inspiration & stay on top of trends & what’s hot in design. I also love it for great recipes, fashion, crafts & so much more! Speaking of trends, make sure you also follow my board for the High Point Home Furnishings Fall 2013 Style Spotter contest. From October 17th – 24th I’ll be pinning my top 25 favorite finds from market along with eight other of the country’s top designers. Find out more here..


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Style Spotter Rewind

TGIF design devotees!  I have a BIG announcement for you all!  I’m so excited to have been invited back to be a part of the Style Spotters program ~ Style Spotters Rewind ~ for the Fall 2013 High Point Home Furnishings Market!  I’ll be one of nine designers from across the country that will be curating our favorite finds from the Fall market & pinning them on the Style Spotter board on Pinterest.  This group of fab ladies have all been Style Spotters before, so this will definitely make for a fierce competition to find the best products that the market has to offer!


What this means for you:
By following all of the fun on Pinterest, you will get a first hand look at all of the hottest products from the Fall 2013 High Point Home Furnishings Market.  We do all of the work & you get to enjoy all of the eye candy on your computer or tablet right from your comfy home!

How you can participate:
This is a competition, so every point counts!  Vote for your favorite Style Spotter by liking & re-pinning what we find.

SO, if you don’t already have one, then go set up your Pinterest account today! It’s one of my favorite places to get inspiration not only for interior design, but for fashion, cooking & so much more.  I promise you will fall in love with it!  Find me on Pinterest & let’s get inspired together!

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Designer Entertaining Inspiration

The weekend is here & there’s a good chance you have entertaining on the brain. Half of the fun of entertaining with friends or throwing a party is setting up for it! I love pulling double duty with home furnishings & accessories by using them to help set the stage for a swanky soirée! All you need to add is food, fresh flowers & an organized beverage display & then you’re ready to greet your guests! Here are a few set ups that I have done for myself, clients & events at IBB to gear up for party.

For more design & entertaining inspiration, follow me on instagram and my family’s business IBB Design & don’t miss all of the fun over on Pinterest!

Happy weekend & happy designing!

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Embrace Color!


Don’t be afraid of color!  Have no fear, bring in the color for fresh and fun cheer!!

You see vibrant colors and room combinations all the time and may find yourself saying, “Wow! This is way too contemporary or loud!” Finding that balance and sophisticated way of pulling in color can be a challenge and tend to make you shy away. Embrace it, go for it!


Use color in coffee table books stacked on an end table or centrally located on the cocktail table.   Have some fresh flowers cut and simply stemmed in a pretty vase.  Fresh flowers in a room will always bring a smile to your face!

Pull in a few, or even a single fun and colorful pillow on your sofa or chair. Remember, a little goes a long way so those few simple elements can transition a room from flat to fun in a matter of minutes!!


Feeling even more adventurous?   Opt for a bold piece of artwork with color or a shade of paint to brighten up a wall.  A great piece of art can really set a room off.  In an all neutral setting, a bold colorful piece of art could serve as the stand out element to create a WOW factor!


So, embrace color & take a risk.  Whether a small pop or a bold powerful statment, just remember to have fun & surround yourself with things you love!

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Beautify your Bookshelves!

JT is back on the blog again today with some great advice on accessorizing your bookshelves.

So often clients send out a “911” when it comes to accessorizing bookshelves.  It can be tricky ~ figuring out what to put in them and such.  Here are some things that I try to incorporate when I’m decorating bookshelves.

This is a monster!  A big dark empty wall unit.  First of all, don’t keep all of the shelves the same height.  I think mixing it up makes it more interesting, so adjust them for varying interest.  You can see in the second picture how many I removed from my client’s wall unit. Play with the scale of your accessories.  To avoid monotony, make sure you choose items of different sizes.  Create an opening large enough for artwork or a sculpture.  Place your larger items in the shelves, not all together, maybe one in the middle left, another on the top right and then fill in the other spaces.


You’ll notice that I also incorporated some colorful things into this client’s wall unit to make it come alive.  In the smaller openings use a great box or group of books.  I also wanted to make it personal.  Showcase something that was brought back from your trip to Venice or found on a beach.  Using items that have meaning to you will also help tell your story and reflect your life in your home’s design.  I also love family photos mixed in, with some great new picture frames you found at IBB Design Fine Furnishings.


Be unconventional, if you have grandma’s china or a great collection of silver, use this has a springboard for your display design.  Things look better grouped in a collection, rather than spread out.  It makes more of an impact.

Place your larger items in the shelves, not all together, maybe one in the middle left, another on the top right and then fill in the other spaces.

You can also choose a color pallet and keep it say Turquoise, Yellow and Green.  Then when you’re out shopping you know what you need to buy and what to look out for.  This is a great look for a more transitional space.

I hope that a few of these tips and tricks will help with your bookshelf design and remember IBB Design Fine Furnishings has gorgeous accessories to help with the process.

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Sneak Peek! MillionAir Project by JT

We’re thrilled to have IBB Designer James Turner, a.k.a JT, blogging for us today!  He’s giving us a sneak peek inside a project he is working on for MillionAir.  Let’s see what he’s up to!

I’ve been so lucky to be working on a project for MillionAir in Addison.  They called me and wanted me to warm up the space in their new state of the art hanger.    We’ve done quite a bit, but the one thing that I’ve heard time and time again from the female staff at MillionAir is their love and appreciation of the women’s facility.

Here it is in the before stage.  Honestly, not much to write home about.  Utilitarian and lackluster to say the least.  I can see where it needed a little enhancement with the overall design scheme for the sitting area.

I brought in two fabulous chairs from Jessica Charles in a refined champagne fabric.  The line of the chairs have a very aerodynamic feel, fitting of a Jet.  In addition, we’ve nixed the office “box store” table and in its place added an elegant eglomise chest to house all the little things one needs.  A sophisticated phalaenopsis orchid placed on the chest with a collection of perfumes and we have ourselves one swanky ladies room.

You too can incorporate new things to vamp up your own guest bath.  Maybe you have room for a small table for a floral to sit.  Or perhaps some nice monogrammed towels.  Try replacing the normally boring overhead “bathroom bar” light fixture with something more stylish. Taking the time to dress up your powder bath will really make an impact with your guests.  At IBB Design Fine Furnishings, we have so many things to help make living in style easy!

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Three Easy Steps to Creating Successful Design

Happy Tuesday design devotees! I’m letting IBB Designer, Kevin Wild take over the blog today. He’s offering up some easy tips to kicking off your design projects in 2013. Take it away Kevin…

Anyone who has taken on the challenge of a home design knows that is does not happen over night. Design is a process. You have to start somewhere. “But where?” you ask.
Let’s start off 2013 with a NEW design for you! Here is an easy guide you can use to help you with your starting point.
Step 1: Starting with “The Basics” is easy! To me the anchor pieces in the room are the sofa, chairs and cocktail table. Before you get too ahead of yourself, be sure to watch out for the #1 most common mistake; being overly matchy-matchy. This is a big no no! When choosing your basics, be sure to play with different shapes and materials. This Hickory Chair sofa and slipper chairs complement each other with soft lines while the Interlude Home cocktail table adds a contrast with an exciting geometric punch.
Step 2: Adding layers and dimension. Now we are starting to build on the basics. This is where even more character comes into your home! Once again we are utilizing contrasting shapes and adding interest with new textures. I added in a fantastic Thomas Pheasant round side table by Baker Furniture. The soft curve brings a new shape into the room and the wood material brings in warm tones and life. Painting Sherwin Williams Conservative Gray on the wall builds on another layer while contrasting with the gold tones in the stunning John Richard art. There is nothing better than mixing gold and silver tones!
Step 3: Finishing touches make the room! The finial building block to any room is the accessories. This is where even more texture comes in, not to mention color! I love to bring in colors you see in nature when using floral pieces. Lux Art Silks, John Richard and NDI Floral are great sources for life-like floral designs. In addition to floral, be sure to have a designer cocktail table book or eight! Adding cocktail table books or even books from your travels give guests a sneak peak into your personality. Finally, in the finishing touches stage be sure to have plan window coverings which will add the final layer of softness against otherwise harsh walls.
Step 4: ENJOY! Sometimes when seeing the different building blocks to a space separately it can be scary and a little overwhelming. As a designer, it is my job to take your style and bring it to life while helping you envision the space every-step of the way. If you have a hard to envisioning, then your first step should be putting a little trust in your designer’s hands! Now that you have all the elements layered on one another, you have a fabulous space to live in!

Happy designing!

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Sneak Peek Saturday: Dallas Market

Last night I had a blast gathering at a cocktail party with local design bloggers for the Dallas Market Center’s Sneak Peek at the January home & gift market.
With @DeniseMcGaha20130119-075258.jpgWith Lisa Robison & Kim Turner of Dwell with Dignity20130119-075649.jpg
With fellow Dallas designer Elle Cole20130119-075636.jpgWith celebrity designer & HGTV star @JohnGidding who I’m super excited to say is my co-host for this evenings Arts Awards!

Follow all the fun in store for today & see what we’re discovering at today’s exclusive sneak peek into the Dallas Market! Tune in later tonight to get a backstage look at the Arts Awards!
Instagram: @designershay & @ibbdesign
Twitter: @designershay
Follow hash tag: #DMCSneakPeek & #ArtsAwards

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Inspired Design: Craig Ranch Huntington

Happy Thursday everyone! If you caught my segment on GMT last Friday, then you got to see a sneak peek at one of our latest design installations. We featured the family room area of the Huntington Homes model home in Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX. Take a look!





There is more to see of this gorgeous 4300 square foot one story home, so tour it in person & stay tuned to our blog for more sneak peeks!

Looking for design inspiration?  Check out my monthly column, Inspired Design, in GrandLuxe magazine.  This month, I’m giving you 4 tips to a healthy home in the new year.  Check it out on page 54 here.

For up to the minute inspired design, follow me on instagram (@designershay & @ibbdesign), twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook.
Happy Designing everyone!

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Holiday Entertaining Recap

If you follow me on instagram (@designershay), you may have seen all of the fun I was having setting up for the holidays with my family over the last few days.  So, today I thought I’d share a quick recap of a few of our tabletops over Christmas.

I made this Christmas Tree cheese tray for Christmas Eve.  I found the idea on Pinterest & made a few small tweaks.  I used Boursin cheese for the tree “topper” & made a star on top with dried cranberries.  Port cheese, white cheddar & aged Vermont cheddar cheeses are layered between cherry tomatoes and rosemary twigs.  It’s so easy & makes quite the festive presentation!

We gathered in our formal living room after we returned from Christmas Eve candlelight service to have some yummy food & enjoy the eve of Christ’s birth.  Our spread consisted of the Christmas Tree cheese tray, dips, shrimp cocktail, cheese biscuits and veggies.  This has been a tradition in my family since I was a kid.  Now as an adult, it brings me so much joy to go all out to spend quality time together like this with my family.

This was the kids’ table setting for Christmas Day dinner.  The inspiration for this table also came from Pinterest, but I made a few tweaks to this one as well.  We used chocolate covered mint oreos for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, party crackers for the bow tie, dinner & cocktail napkins for the hat & scarf, our casual china for the snowman’s body & head and silverware make up the arms & the brim on the hat.

My daughter Jaylie had so much fun helping me set the table!  We will definitely keep this cute idea in our file for years to come!

For more design inspiration follow me on Pinterest and instagram (@designershay).  Happy Holidays & Happy Decorating!!!


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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas design devotees!  I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for checking in here daily for design inspiration, events, tips & sneak peeks at our projects.  I really enjoy all of the comments and emails that I get from all of you!  It’s such a joy to share the creative process with the Designer Detective readers.  I have lots of fun things planned for 2013 so make sure to stay tuned!

I hope you all are enjoying your family and having a fabulous time celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  We’re having a blast at the Geyer house today.  The kiddos are wearing themselves out playing with the goodies that Santa brought.   I’m busy preparing to host 20 family members for Christmas dinner.  The Christmas music is blaring, we’re cooking & getting all of the tables set for our family celebration.

To follow all of our fun & get inspiration for your holiday entertaining, follow me on Pinterest, instagram (@designershay) & twitter.

Merry Christmas & many blessings for a very prosperous & joyful New Year!


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Holiday Inspiration: Snowmen & Kiddos

Happy Sunday design devotees! I hope you’re enjoying this time off with your family. We have lots of family in town right now & we’re having such a blast! My kiddos are so excited to have their cousins around. Last night we opened a few presents and played the build a snowman game. Jaylie played it during her Christmas party at school & we thought our family would enjoy it too!
20121223-105941.jpgIt’s so fun & easy! All you need is one roll of toilet paper, something for the snowman’s scarf (we used tinsel garland) & a hat for each snowman. We divided up into 3 teams consisting of 1 “snowman” and 2 “builders”.
20121223-110341.jpgThe team that finishes the snowman first, WINS! Our niece Emma’s team won last night! We will definitely be making this a holiday tradition!

After everyone left last night, I was looking through the photos on my phone and noticed we seem to have a snowman theme going on right now.20121223-111426.jpgJaylie’s class made gingerbread houses during their Christmas party.20121223-111531.jpgI thought it was genius that she used the Hershey’s wrapper to make the snowman’s scarf! She is one creative kiddo!20121223-111750.jpgToday I’m playing around with our holiday tablescapes. This is what I’m doing for the kids’ table. I found the idea on Pinterest. I used aqua napkins (instead of the red ones shown in the Pinterest inspiration) to match the color palette in our breakfast nook. I also used mint chocolate covered Oreos instead of gumdrops for the eyes.
Placemat: white construction paper with snowflake stickers
Hat: aqua polka dot dinner napkin & knife for the brim
Scarf: aqua stripe cocktail napkin
Head & body: casual everyday salad & dinner plate
Arms: fork & spoon
Eyes: mint chocolate covered Oreos
Nose: baby carrot

For more holiday inspiration, follow me on Pinterest & find me on Instagram: @designershay

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season!

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Color Coded


We’ve made it easier than ever to shop for home accessories! You all loved shopping by color for accessories in our warehouse & now we’re color coding the showroom as well! Our back wall is now arranged by color to make finding the perfect finishing touches for your space quick & very easy! Stop in to IBB Design Fine Furnishings & pick up everything you need to get your home pulled together before your holiday guests arrive! We sell right off the floor, so it’s perfect for those of you on a design deadline!

Happy decorating!

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2013 Pantone Color of the Year Announced!

Pantone announced this morning that 2013’s color of the year will be Emerald. “A vivid, verdant green, enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.” Sounds great to me!

While I personally tend to be more of a bluesy type of girl (crushing on navy, 2010’s Color of the Year turquoise & everything in between), I’m definitely jumping on board with this jewel tone beauty.

Remember, when I showed you this gorgeous jade cabinet from John Richard that I found at market? I fell so hard for it that I ordered it for my own home. Green definitely made it’s mark at the Fall 2012 High Point Home Furnishings Market.

20121206-101809.jpgDesigners & industry peeps went bananas for this malachite fabric from Robert Allen (seen here at Wesley Hall).

So, how should we implement this beautiful hue into our homes? Is it safe to paint a room this color? I say “Yes!”. Thom Filicia lacquered the walls of the entry of the Kipps Bay Showhouse in a breathtaking emerald green. It was spectacular! Wesley Hall features this stunning display of color on their website.

In smaller doses or as an accent: Just a few days ago, I posted Kravet’s new ad for Jonathan Adler on instagram as something that is inspiring me right now. I love how Jonathan made a skirt for this console out of an emerald green fabric. The colors in this vignette are so well balanced.


“It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green.” With richly saturated colors like emerald on the scene, I see a very prosperous year ahead!

For more design inspiration find me on instagram (designershay) and on Pinterest & Twitter.


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Making the most of what you have!

Happy Friday design devotees!  I have a treat in store for you today!  I’ve asked Kevin Wild, one of IBB’s designers, to guest blog for us today.  He’s giving us a quick peek into a project he is working on with a client to show us how to make the most of what you have.  Take it away Kevin…

Design is all about putting your unique personal touch in your home.

Sometimes you even have to “work with whatchya got!”   This is exactly what I did in my client’s new home.  A few months back my clients moved in, and like many of my clients, she had wallpaper in her formal dining room. She was ready to rip it down and paint.   I told her, “No way.”   Her wallpaper was fabulous!

I used their wallpaper as the inspiration for the entire design.  A lot of times you may feel like patterns are too busy. Sometimes this is true with an all-over pattern on a chair or wallpaper.   An easy tip and trick is to break up the pattern to give your eye somewhere to rest!

In this dining room I broke up the busy pattern of the wallpaper with two fantastic John Richards elgomise floor mirrors.  This also allowed the dining room to bounce light all around the room.  In addition, the mirrors are gold leafed which helps tie in the gold from the wallpaper at the same time contrasting with the darkeness of the wallpaper.

The real icing on the cake in this room is the unique designer chairs from Guy Chaddock.   The tone-on-tone structured pattern contrasts with the more natural curves of the rest of the room.  The lighter fabric also provides a fresh contrast with the darker patterned wallpaper.  The clean lines of the chairs give the room an updated feel.

At the end of the day, using elements and details that are currently in your space to your advantage and adding a few new pieces to freshen it up can lead you to the design that fits you uniquely.

-Kevin Wild

Thank you Kevin!  It’s fun to see how just by changing things a bit & adding a few new pieces can give a room’s design a whole new perspective.   A room can still look fabulous even if you’re forced to work with what you’ve got!

Happy weekend & happy decorating everyone!

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Thanksgiving Gratitude: My Family

Life is busy! People often ask me how I do it all. My answer is always my amazing support system – my family! They’re by my side for all of my successes and always there when I need a shoulder to cry on when I’ve had a bad day. I am so thankful for my family. So, today I’d like to share these very special people with you all.

First of all, God blessed me with the most amazing parents in the world. Not only am I blessed to have them as my mom & dad but I also get to work with them every day. Some may say that they couldn’t work with their parents, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. My mom started IBB when I was just a toddler and my dad runs our everyday business operations. Growing up, my parents encouraged me to take full advantage of opportunities life presented to me & instilled Christian values and good business ethics to help make me a well rounded person. Also known as “Grammy” & “Big Bob”, they are amazing grandparents to our two girls. We live just two miles from my parents & have family dinners together almost every Sunday (and often many other nights too!). My parents are thrilled to babysit anytime we ask & our girls love to spend time with them. They are so nurturing & supportive not only to me but also to all of our family, friends & staff at IBB. As we say in the South, “They are just GOOD people!”.

My husband. God truly blessed me with an amazing man to partner with in this life. He is thoughtful, caring & an amazing daddy to our girls. Anyone will tell you that he is a good friend, but he is most definitely my best friend. He’s compassionate & always quick to offer someone a hand. When we first met, we used to talk for hours and never run out of anything to say. Even as busy as life with two kids & careers has become, we still enjoy long conversations with plenty to talk about! Brian is so supportive and we really make a great team. We have a blast together. He is so witty & makes me giggle on a daily basis. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome fella as well! I LOVE this man!

My girls. Words cannot even begin to explain the love I have for our daughters Jaylie (almost 8) and Brooklyn (20 months). They bring so much joy to my life! I love watching them grow up.



Jaylie has the sweetest spirit & is such a wonderful big sister to Brooklyn. She even picked out her name when I was pregnant with Brooklyn. Brian’s nickname for Jaylie is sport, but she’ll always be my princess. She is always thinking of others first. I love that she has become quite the little volunteer & often goes along with mommy to give back to the community thru local charities. She is so determined & driven. She definitely gets her competitive nature from mommy. I can’t wait to see the amazing things she will accomplish when she grows up.


Brooklyn certainly lives up to the fiery red head persona. She’s sassy & independent. Quite frankly, she pretty much skipped the baby phase altogether. Forget about baby toys or baby books. She wants to do play & do whatever big sissy is doing. Her laugh is contagious & she loves to dance & sing. She’s really into hugs & her favorite phrase right now is “I love you”. It melts my heart! Watch out world, God has big plans for this little one!

Our dog Roxy. A.K.A “Roxer Boxer”. We love this dog! At just a little over two years old, she is still in her puppy phase (we’re hoping this ends soon…). She is full of energy & loves to play with the kids. Her greatest fault is that she thinks she is a lap dog & has complete disregard for any personal space – which clearly makes her the ideal snuggle dog! This is really just Roxy’s world & we’re all just living in it 😉

Thank you for allowing me to share my loved ones with you today! They give each day supreme meaning and I am so thankful for each moment with them.
I hope you all are enjoying your families during this wonderful week of Thanksgiving & the kick off of the holiday season.


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Thanksgiving Week of Gratitude


With Thanksgiving being this week, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you all a few of the things I’m thankful for. One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to go around the table & have each of our family members & friends say what they are most thankful for.

Day 1: Faith
I am most thankful for my faith & relationship with God. I accepted Christ when I was 13 years old & not a day goes by that I don’t share my life & give glory to my Father. I believe that everything in life is part of God’s divine plan – even something as small as sharing this blog post with you.

My faith in God gets me through each day. His word brings me comfort, confidence & joy. If I’m having a bad day (or even a good one & just need a reminder), I rely on my favorite verse.

During this time of Thanksgiving, I thank God that we have a healthy family, a roof over our heads, plenty of food to eat and wonderful friends to share it all with.

Thank you my friends for letting me share this with you today!

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Fine art on a tight budget

If you’re like me, you love art! Art can be a jumping off point to start a room or the finishing touch that ties your whole look together. Unfortunately my taste in art doesn’t always fit my budget. While I have attended fine art auctions on behalf of clients in the past, I certainly won’t be in the position to bid on a Van Gogh or Picasso for myself any time soon.

So what’s a girl to do? The next best thing to an original piece of artwork is a giclee or a reproduction. And, you’re in luck! I’ve selected two of my all time favorite paintings to be a part of my “Statement & Style” curation going on now through November 1st over at Joss and Main.

The Dream” by Pablo Picasso
Framed hand painted reproduction
Regular price $158
“Statement & Style” curation price $88.95

Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh
Framed hand painted reproduction (comes with certificate of authenticity)
Regular Price $579
“Statement & Style” curation price $229.95

Items in the curation are selling out fast, so jump on over to Joss & Main to take a look and get a little “Statement & Style” for your own home!

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Sneak Peek at My Joss & Main Curation!

Happy Saturday design devotees!  I’m super excited to share a sneak peek with you at my upcoming “Statement & Style” curation for Joss & Main.  The sale will go live tomorrow 10/28 at 9:00 PM EST.  The curation covers a variety of price points & design aestehtics.  I tried to select a little something for everyone!  Whether you are looking for some finishing touches for your home or you need a fabulous hostess or holiday gift, you’ll want to check out this sale on Joss & Main!  Take a look at a few pieces you will find that will help make a statement & add some style to your abode!

Silver Starburst Mirror
36″ H x 36″ W
Regular Price $297
Statement & Style curation price $170.93

Gold Leaf accent table
26.5″ H x 21″ W x 21″ D
Regular Price $1,005
Statement & Style Curation Price $804

Aqua Indoor/Outdoor Rug
sizes ranging from 2’x3′ to 8’3″x11’6″
prices ranging from $49-$699

Seda France Jardin Chinese Peony 3 wick tin candle

Overall dimensions: 41.75″ H x 32.75″ D
Regular price $387
Statement & Style Curation Price $235

18×18 Ikat Decorative Pillow
Regular price $135
Statement & Style curation price $112

Stay tuned for more!  The “Statement & Style” curation starts Sunday, October 28th at 9:00 PM EST & goes thru Thursday, November 1st.  Let’s get our shopping on!

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Fall Market 2012 Showstopper

There were many spectacular pieces at the Fall 2012 High Point Home Furnishings market, but this one takes the cake. My jaw literally dropped when I turned the corner in the John Richard showroom and spotted this beauty!

Jade 2 door cabinet by John Richard

Up close detail of the amazing craftsmanship & dazzling beauty of this piece.

This is a brand new introduction, so it won’t be available for 4-5 months, but I assure you – it’s worth the wait! I have a spot in mind for it in my own home ;-). Available through IBB Design Fine Furnishings.

Tune in to Good Morning Texas this morning to see more of our fabulous finds from Fall 2012 market. I’ll be recapping a few of my favorites!

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Ahead of the curve

We had a fabulous first day at the High Point Home Furnishings market. I was super excited to walk into several showrooms today & see one of our favorite color palettes featured – turquoise & tangerine! Also known as the IBB company colors ;-). IBB was ahead of the curve in regard to this color palette! So fresh & inspiring! Check out a few of my favorite vignettes from today featuring this yummy color combo.

Wesley Hall

CR Laine

CR Laine

Century Furniture

Century Furniture

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, twitter & instagram for up to the minute fabulous finds from this fall’s market!

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New look! New Style! Master Bath Makeover

I’m in the midst of a dramatic whole house remodel with some of my clients. It’s turning out beautifully. I thought I’d share a little sneak peek with you today on how it’s coming along.

This home was built about 10 years ago. The 12×12 beige tile & shower really needed to go! The faux finish on the walls also really dates the space. Overall, the room feels brown & not up to par with the caliber of their home. The homeowners are ready for a fresh & luxurious update to create a peaceful retreat in their master bath. They also want to change their design style from Old World Traditional to a more transitional look.

What a difference! We carried 9×18 Carrera marble in a staggered brick joint all the way up the wall. It helps elongate the space & give us the illusion of a much larger bathroom. The Carrera marble gives the space a soothing all white feel & the veining in the marble adds a beautiful flowing interest. A free standing tub helps open up the space. We used the same herringbone Carrera marble in the shower pan & to create a rug underneath the tub. A new window designed to give a clean aesthetic & gain privacy will be going in later this week.

All new plumbing from Brizo was installed including the luxurious addition of body sprays. Next, a frameless glass shower will be installed.

We’re not far from the completion of the remodel & the beginning of the furniture installation. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!

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Kravet Blogfest2012 Highlights part 1

Wow! What an amazing week! I had such a blast at Kravet’s Blogfest2012! I’m already ready for next year! I’m not sure how they’ll ever top all of the fun we had. In case you missed it, I recapped all of the excitement yesterday on Good Morning Texas.

I was very excited to have 2 fellow IBB designers along for the ride – Brandy Scott & James “JT” Turner.

We kicked off the festivities by perusing ICFF and came across this insanely cool ping pong table by Akke Functional Art.

This Hermes inspired sink from Linkasink really caught my eye. I think it would be such an elegant addition to a powder bath!

Next stop was the Kips Bay Show house benefiting the Boys & Girl’s club. It was a scrumptious feast for the eyes with incredible rooms by notable designers like Alexa Hampton & Thom Filicia. One of my favorite rooms featured this stunning tapestry over the sofa.

Alexa Hampton’s bedroom featured richly lacquered walls in “Dragon’s Breath”. The bed was dressed with fabrics from her personal collection with Kravet. I was very excited to see the suzani inspired fabric since we’re getting ready to use it in a client’s dining room.

This chair was so remarkable in person. The contrasting welt cord was the exact shade of the deep bluish purple walls. The apple green silk paired with the creamy white finish and gold leafing was so fresh and made a beautiful statement in the dining room.

This layered vignette was so well pulled together. I think almost every blogger stopped to photograph it.

The weather may have been yucky on Tuesday morning, but we were cheerfully welcomed by these gorgeous pink peonies at Hearst Tower. We were treated to a behind the scenes look at what goes into publishing House Beautiful, Veranda & Elle Decor.

It was such a pleasure to chat with House Beautiful’s editor, Newell Turner. He was so warm & gracious. Newell and the staff at House Beautiful have embraced the digital world and are steering the magazine to become an interactive experience that the reader can enjoy far past the printed pages. They also fully support the blogging world and have realized the benefits of taking cues from design bloggers.

The next stop on our tour was the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. My favorite space was designed by Michael Tovano. The outdoor space was tres chic! We all gushed over the patterned metal cabana.

We spent some time at the D&D building for much more eye candy & inspiration. This wall of ikat fabrics at Brunschwig & Fils caught my eye. They offer a wonderful selection of richly saturated & fresh colors in ikat prints and many more timeless classics they are so well known for.

We ended the day with a cocktail party at GE Monogram. I honestly had no idea about the detailed customization they offered. One of my favorite things showcased there was these braided leather refrigerator handles. Such a fabulous detail!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Kravet studios. I’ve done this tour a few times before, but it’s always a treat because you get a sneak peek at all of the fabulous fabrics they’re designing. Look what I spotted at Lee Jofa! It’s coming out soon!

During our trip, we were introduced to a very neat company called GlassyBaby.  Created by 3 time cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes, they make artisan hand blown glass votives in an array of gorgeous colors.  “To Lee, they represented “that deep breath that we often forget to take.”  I was very excited to take home one of the turquoise votives.  My apologies to founder Lee Rhodes & glassybaby.  I mistakenly referred to them as “GlassBaby” instead of glassybaby on Good Morning Texas.  Please make sure to check out this wonderful company.  Not only do they make beautiful votives, they have also given back over $850,000 to charities to date.

There’s so much more to share with you! Stay tuned for more photos & details on each of the amazing experiences we had during Blogfest2012.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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Spotted at market: Lighting

Yesterday, I shared my top 5 lighting picks that were featured in Residential Lighting magazine’s High Point market recap video. Today, I’m going to treat you to a pictorial feast of some of the fabulous lighting I found during spring market!

Orange gourd lamp from Bungalow 5

Wall sconce from Currey & Co

Greek key lamp from Worlds Away

Mirror wall sconce from Regina Andrews

Mercury glass lamp from Jamie Young

Crystal cage chandelier from Regina Andrews

Hot pink chandelier from Currey & Co

Floor lamp by John Richard

Contemporary indoor/outdoor sconces from Fine Art Lamps

Turquoise ball pendant from Worlds Away

Chandelier by John Richard

Mercury glass lamp by John Richard

Gold metal lamp by Worlds Away

To check out more of my spring market finds, you can follow me on Pinterest or check out my Style Spotter board.

Happy designing!

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Congratulations Traci!

Remember the Style Spotter contest I participated in during the High Point Home Furnishings Spring market? Well, I didn’t win but I’m very pleased to announce that my sweet friend Traci Zeller from North Carolina did! Traci & I met years ago at Hickory Chair’s blogger event. Congratulations Traci! She did an amazing job highlighting some beautiful things during market. I ran into her at Baker & we both spotted pieces from Thomas Pheasant’s collection. Even though I didn’t win the competition, the chairs I spotted from CR Laine were the most re-pinned product in the competition. Congratulations CR Laine! The showroom looked amazing! Thank you to everyone who liked & re-pinned! And, thank you again to Cheminne from the High Point Market Authority for selecting me to participate as a Style Spotter!

Happy Designing!

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Bespoke Bench

Good morning design devotess! You’re in for a treat this morning. I’ve asked one of IBB’s designers, Brandy Scott, to blog for us & share some behind the scenes details from one of our recent projects out at Craig Ranch.

I’m so excited to post my first blog with our IBB Design Fine Furnishings followers! Today I want to share one of my favorite recent projects, a custom bench we created for a luxury model townhome in Craig Ranch. You may have seen Shay post it snapshot it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

Add some va va voom to your foyer! A bench in the entry is welcoming and sets the design tone for your home. This piece started with Beth and Shay’s vision for a high back bench that was an updated take on a wing chair. We discussed elements of the furniture that we liked best such as straight sides to the wings and the bottom seat deck off the floor with tapered legs to make the bench feel lighter. A single seat cushion and tight back added to its streamlined effect.

Deciding on the correct proportions was important to making the bench an eye catcher! We turned up the volume with an exaggerated seat back height and an overall width that ensured we could avoid seams on the back. To execute the design I did a quick sketch so we could see how all the elements came together and for our fabricator’s reference.

Finally, the finishing details elevate this piece to the next level! A bold stripe in a tone on tone grey and white coordinates with the overall color palette in the house and polished chrome nail heads reinforce the lines of bench. The black and white art surrounding the bench really makes it pop.

So whether it’s a one of kind custom piece designed just for you or a ready made bench, consider seating to welcome your guests to your home with style!



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Sneak Peek Saturday ~ Brooklyn’s Nursery

Well, I must apologize my design devotees!  I’ve been meaning to share Brooklyn’s nursery with you all for quite some time.  She’s 14 months old now & time has just flown by.  Life has been pretty crazy.  I’m still trying to find the groove of balancing life with 2 busy kiddos, time with my hubby & family, running a business & charity work.  Some of you may have already seen shots of Brooklyn’s nursery in ON Magazine & GrandLuxe Magazine.  I’ve also posted a few teasers on facebook & twitter.  But, alas, here are the complete set of shots I had done of her room.

Most of the items in Brooklyn’s nursery are what I originally designed for our oldest daughter, Jaylie when I was pregnant with her 8 years ago.  The crib, chandelier, Barbie mirror & chair & ottoman are new additions.  I had aqua stripes painted on the ceiling because I wanted to add a fabulous ceiling treatment for Brooklyn to gaze at while she laid in her crib.


We had the twin bed in Jaylie’s nursery as well.  It’s a must for daddy or mommy to sleep in when Brooklyn is sick or having a rough night!  Big sister Jaylie often begs to sleep in here as well.  It’s so sweet!  The “Brooklyn” art was a baby gift from my good friend Kris Perry.



My mom, Jaylie & I made the Barbie mirror.  We used a sunburst mirror from IBB & glued the 50th anniversary Barbies on it in the same pose to create visual cohesiveness.

Jaylie loves to read to Brooklyn.  Actually, I’m not sure who enjoys it more.  Brooklyn is just enamored by her big sister!  Keeping books in the nursery is a must!

This is one of my favorite places to snuggle with Brooklyn.  This swivel rocker chair & ottoman by Lee Industries is amazingly comfortable!  I have fallen asleep in it many a time!  I had it upholstered in indoor/outdoor fabrics because I knew it was going to get lots of use & abuse from our family.