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Designer Dogs | IBB Design

Shay Geyer - Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

If you’ve followed #teamIBB for a while, then you know we have many animal-obsessed people. We joke that it’s almost a requirement for our staff to have a furry companion. With a team full of animal lovers, our designers clearly have the upper hand when it comes to designing spaces that consider our clients’ fur babies. After all, it’s our pets that often spend the most time on our furnishings (allowed or not). For our spring issue, we wanted to take a deeper look at some posh pooches for a better insight into the lives of a designer dog. This is Gigi and Zoe Geyer’s story.

Since I was a little kid, my family has always had at least one dog in our home. I can’t imagine life without a dog. Gigi and Zoe both turned three in December. Gigi is a Cavachon, and Zoe is a mini Goldendoodle. Jaylie picked out Gigi, and Brooklyn picked out Zoe. They joined our family shortly after our Boxer, Roxy, was diagnosed with cancer. They gave her new life and gave us a full year with her before she passed away. What a blessing it was for them to get training from the best dog ever!

Shay Geyer - Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

They are definitely posh pooches! As they are our beloved fur babies, they have free reign over our domain. When designing our home, I selected performance and indoor/outdoor fabrics to use on our upholstery, knowing that they would need to hold up to constant puppy snuggles. Gigi loves to lounge on the backs of the sofa and chair cushions. I make sure to fluff the cushions regularly to help keep their shape and extend the life of them. Zoe’s favorite spot is on one of the chaise lounges or in someone’s lap. Many indoor/outdoor fabrics are bleach cleanable, but for those that are not, I keep a bottle of Crypton cleaner handy to tackle messes made from muddy paws and other puppy oopsies.

Many people wonder about having wood floors with dogs. Our hardwoods are lightly scraped with the grain. It still offers a very clean look and also helps camouflage everyday wear and tear.

Shay Geyer – Designer Dogs with Gigi and Zoe

Puppy tip: When you’re house training new puppies, roll up your rugs and put them in storage until they’re completely trained. This will hopefully prevent ruining any of them due to accidents from your pooch. Crypton can help get rid of many stains, but always check the fiber content of the material and follow the cleaning directions.

“Home is where your dog runs to greet you.”

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BAR CARTS – Think Outside the Bar!

Bar Carts Think Outside the Bar!
@designershay @ibbdesign on Instagram

IBB Top 6 Bar Carts We Love!

It’s no secret that bar carts have been on trend for some time. Perfectly styled carts flood our social media feeds and have us yearning for a similar look in our homes. It’s definitely one of the most requested furniture additions among IBB clients. It’s common for our designers to hear, “…and if we can fit a bar cart in somewhere, I’d really love to have one!” With all of us spending more time at home but not necessarily entertaining as much, we thought we’d share a non-conventional approach to using a bar cart. Their mobility makes them a versatile and valuable piece of furniture.

We love to use them in bathrooms. They can provide extra storage and a pretty way to display bath essentials. If you have the space, the bar cart can be placed on an empty wall in a bathroom and then rolled over to your tub when it’s time for a relaxing bath. You’ll find it quite the luxury to have everything within reach right by your tub. You can place a vase of fresh flowers (or a great permanent botanical), a bowl full of bath bombs, a decanter full of bath salts, or bubble bath and a fragrant candle or aromatic diffuser on the top shelf. Try rolling extra towels on the bottom shelf so they’re close by when you get out of the tub. Form and function at its finest!

IBB Top 6 Bar Carts We Love!

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Picking paint colors is overwhelming to most people. With expert advice, this daunting task can be made much easier. There are so many factors to consider when choosing paint colors for your home – natural light, ceiling height, the size of the space, and many others. It’s important to choose a few colors to sample for each room and then look at them in the space to consider all of the factors before making a final decision.

Our designers weigh in on a few of their favorite paint colors and why they love them.


Benjamin Moore 2168-10 Fall Harvest               “My favorite color is orange, and I love what a happy hue it is! When I was remodeling my own home, I made a bold decision to lacquer my study paneling in this warm Hermès-like orange. I’m so happy I went for it! It’s my favorite room in my home, and friends and family always comment on how cheerful it is.” Beth Rafferty, IBB Owner & Designer, @ibbdesign on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW7069 Iron Ore
“It’s a soft black that is a great background for a feature wall. It’s also great for cabinetry, trim, doors, and shiplap.” SUSAN NEFF, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW7004 Snowbound
“A good classic white can be so difficult and overwhelming to choose. Snowbound is a great choice for a cabinet color, wall color, and interior trim color, as it provides a crisp white look in any space! It’s definitely my ‘go-to’ white.” CASEY GATTERSON, IBB Designer


Benjamin Moore 2065-10 Admiral Blue
“Blues are classic and work with a multitude of aesthetics. Admiral Blue is a deep rich blue that pairs well with many colors to provide rich contrast and give you a timeless look.” MICHAEL REESE, IBB Designer, on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 1015 Skyline Steel
“It is always an easy ‘go to’ for me when looking for a warm, light gray overall interior wall color when I’m not wanting a pure white on the walls. I would lump Skyline Steel into the greige neutral family; it’s compatible with a multitude of color palettes and can often be a chameleon in its setting.” SHANNON GIDNEY, IBB Designer & Sales Manager, @designershannongidneyibb on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 6248 Jubilee
“It is so peaceful and inviting. It’s a gorgeous celestial gray-blue that is perfect to use as a soft accent.” LESA NEFF, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW 7631 City Loft
“It’s a perfect neutral that goes from a soft, warm gray to light greige depending on lighting. It blends beautifully with everything!” TERRI HUNTER, IBB Designer


Sherwin Williams SW 6258 Tricorn Black
“It’s a beautiful subdued black that works with pretty much any architectural style! The warm neutral base make a fantastic background to feature an art collection.” JORY GATTIS DICKINSON, IBB Designer, @jorya.gattis on Instagram


Sherwin Williams SW 7008 Alabaster
“My favorite go-to paint color is Alabaster from Sherwin Williams. It has a nice warmth to it and instantly brightens up any space.” LAUREN MACNAK, IBB Designer, @laurenmacdesigner on Instagram


**Pro tip: Always sample the paint in your space before diving in and painting the entire room. Just because it looks fabulous in your friend’s home, doesn’t mean it will look equally as stunning in your home. There are many factors that can influence how paint looks in a space.**


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If you’re building or remodeling a home, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a design for your secondary bathrooms. They often get put on the back burner. Starting with neutral cabinetry, pendant lighting and a great mirror can give your bathroom style and also allow you the opportunity to kick it up a notch when you’re ready. It’s amazing how quickly wallpaper and accessories can transform a bathroom to give you a whole new look! We’re inspiring you with four ways to take your bathroom design to the next level, and we’ve made it easy to shop these looks right from this page.


1. Fresh Floral!
Black, gray, and green add color and a large-scaled pattern to the walls in a fresh floral design. The Samantha orchid arrangement from The Shay Geyer Collection for Botanical Mix is the perfect scale and accessory for the bathroom countertop.


2. Bold & Graphic!
You can never go wrong with classic black and white. We love the drama this geometric pattern brings to the bathroom. Our Noelle Luxe in fuchsia adds a punch to the space with a pop of pink.


Shay-article-bathroom-next-level3. Color & Pattern!
If bright, happy colors and traditional motifs are your jam, then this look is for you! Our Lucy arrangement is a fabulous complement to this bold wallpaper.


4. Tonal Love!
For those who love a neutral or softer look, this is a great choice. A gray medallion print adds interest to the walls and offers a more subtle and tonal feel for the bathroom. Our Noelle Natural white orchid arrangement helps soften the space with a fabulous floral.


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@designershay on Instagram

“Arrows” was one of the first patterns that I developed for my new fabric collection. I wanted it to have a painterly effect where the brushstrokes were evident. We’re offering it in 10 colors from neutrals to more vibrant hues. It’s a versatile pattern that could work in a range of aesthetics and rooms depending on the color you choose.

Here we’ve used it in the graystone color and paired it with camel and blush pink as an accent. This scheme lends itself to a vintage vibe and makes for a soft and sweet nursery. The ruffled edge around the pillows offers a frilly, girly feel. The pattern’s scale works for many uses – drapery panels, pillows and even the crib’s bed skirt.

Cut yardage and pillows from the Shay Geyer Collection are available to purchase at IBB Design Fine Furnishings and at Ask one of our designers for a quote for custom drapery and bedding made from these fabrics.

Photography by Dan Piassick

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Room of the Month Finalist

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re very excited to announce that the nursery I designed for the Latham twins has been selected as a finalist for Project Nursery’s October Room of the Month 🙂


We are currently in 2nd place & we would love to have your help to secure the win!  Just click here & select the “Colorful Twin Gender Neutral Nursery”.  It just so happens that today is my client Kristen’s birthday, so what better gift to give her than pulling into the lead?




You can read more about this nursery design in our Fall issue of IBB at Home.  Pick up a copy at IBB today or click here to sign up for your free subscription.

Thank you so much for your support & voting for one of my favorite nursery projects