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If you’re building or remodeling a home, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a design for your secondary bathrooms. They often get put on the back burner. Starting with neutral cabinetry, pendant lighting and a great mirror can give your bathroom style and also allow you the opportunity to kick it up a notch when you’re ready. It’s amazing how quickly wallpaper and accessories can transform a bathroom to give you a whole new look! We’re inspiring you with four ways to take your bathroom design to the next level, and we’ve made it easy to shop these looks right from this page.


1. Fresh Floral!
Black, gray, and green add color and a large-scaled pattern to the walls in a fresh floral design. The Samantha orchid arrangement from The Shay Geyer Collection for Botanical Mix is the perfect scale and accessory for the bathroom countertop.


2. Bold & Graphic!
You can never go wrong with classic black and white. We love the drama this geometric pattern brings to the bathroom. Our Noelle Luxe in fuchsia adds a punch to the space with a pop of pink.


Shay-article-bathroom-next-level3. Color & Pattern!
If bright, happy colors and traditional motifs are your jam, then this look is for you! Our Lucy arrangement is a fabulous complement to this bold wallpaper.


4. Tonal Love!
For those who love a neutral or softer look, this is a great choice. A gray medallion print adds interest to the walls and offers a more subtle and tonal feel for the bathroom. Our Noelle Natural white orchid arrangement helps soften the space with a fabulous floral.