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Lightovation Metaverse Trendhouse | IBB Design

I was honored to be invited by Leslie Carothers, Lightovation’s collaborating partner and principal of digital marketing agency, Savour Partnership, to curate the lighting selection and design the interiors for the cutting edge and first ever Metaverse Trendhouse. The Trendhouse allows people the immersive experience of walking through the virtual home in the Metaverse. Attendees at the latest Dallas market got a sneak peek at viewing the Trendhome in a whole new way. They were able to put on a VR headset and walk around the Trendhouse, while exploring the lighting from all angles in the Metaverse. It has brought a new way for people to visualize their room in a lifelike environment and to see how the design would come together.

“Presenting the world premiere of the first Lightovation Metaverse TrendHouse! Hop on a computer or slip on a pair of VR goggles and walk-through 2,000 SF+ of fabulous lighting and design. The house features the latest lighting trends curated by interior designer Shay Geyer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings, pulled from the 2024 Lightovation Trend Report written by global trend ambassador, Patti Carpenter. Architectural Design, 3d modeling & world build by Annilee B Waterman.”

To view the Trendhouse, visit: